Software Development Kit (SDK)

Hi folks, I am new in Sage products integration, and I would like to know whether is there a trial version for Sage Construction and Real Estate SDK. 

I want to take a look at it before becoming a partner.

Thanks in advance

Rafael Donato.

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  • Hi Jordan!

    Thanks for your prompt response. I'd like to know if is there any free documentation, about SDK API, in order to see how it works. If it is similar to Peachtree or not, as long as we have already experience in Sage 50 Peachtree integration. We want to estimate the effort of a task, before becoming partner.

    Best regards,

    Rafael Donato.

  • Hi Rafael,

    You are welcome, my pleasure. That makes sense and I completely understand. Your best resource would be to reach out to the Development Partner Program team directly and see if they have any additional information to give you. Their email address is [email protected], it is listed on one of the last pages of the download referenced above as well.

    Thank you,