New pop up message in Payroll :"Verify NACHA file accepted"

We just did the update to 20.5.1 and now there is a pop up message when I go to generate direct deposits.

This is not necessary and does slightly disrupt the work process. But if I work from home and this pops up on a different screen, I will not see it (I have 2 monitors at work and 1 only 1 at home). You cannot continue until you either click "ok" or the X. That effectively stops me from continuing. I have to wait until I am back in the office to continue.

I spoke to a Sage in chat and was told that they are looking into changing on how this works. But we (the customer) are not able to just disable this pop up message. The current thinking is to move this as a note within the print selection window rather than a pop up. This will either be another update or possibly a patch. The problem with Sage doing this is that there are many of us who have an outside company do the updates/upgrades. We have the company who hosts us in the cloud do the updates. This costs a lot of money each time they do an update.

Questions: Can Sage please fix this issue / remove this unnecessary message without doing an update? If Sage insists on having this message, would it not be better as a note when you click post verses anywhere else?

Comments: In future, when Sage is looking to add pop ups or message, maybe they can do a poll of their customers and see if we want these messages or at least make it so the customer can choose to disable them. Can this be discussed .......?

Thank you!

  • This is already a topic of discussion.  Currently there is not a way to disable the warning.  We are looking at moving the warning to the Print selection window so it's not a POP up message, instead displays in the Generate Direct Deposits Print selection window.  It is likley that an update will be required once we make changes.  Since not everyone uses the Generate direct deposit feature, we would likely see customers unhappy about adding the warning to PR Post Checks instead of where we put it. Please see KB article How can I turn off the message in Generate Direct Deposits "Verify that your Bank has accepted your NACHA file prior to posting your payroll checks." ? (114063)

     We will update this KB once we have determined options to change this