Disbursement Report

Is there a report to provide detail of the cash disbursements that are not associated with a job?

  • The AP Payment Register by Job (AP, Reports, Cash Management, Payment Register by Job) can show non Job related payments as well by checking the "Print non-Job related payements" check box in the Print selection window.  A condition can be added to show only non Job related payements by clicking Conditions, Index, select AP Dstiribtuion, then Job EQ (leave value blank and then click OK)

  • The AP Invoices by job can also be used for this purpose, by to print Paid Invoices only, then selecting conditions, highlight the Job NE "" condition, then change it to Job EQ ""

  • This will only show disbursements through AP.  Correct?  I'm looking for all disbursements.  Including through payroll and cash management.