Job Cost Setup

I am setting up 64 lots in Job Cost, is there a way to copy from a previous lot and just make a couple changes?

  • Use the "Copy Job" function, found under the "Setup" menu in Job Cost. If the 64 "lots" you need to setup (I'm presuming your reference to "lot" means a specific "job") are all alike, then you can setup one, and use that job to setup all 63 others using the "Copy Job" function.  If fewer than all 64 are similar, but perhaps groups of 6 or 8 are alike, then use "Copy Job" to create the first job to be used as a template, modify it as necessary, and the "Copy Job" to duplicate others that are identical, or most similar.  If you do not see "Copy Job" on the setup menu, then ask your system administrator to change your security permissions to make it available.

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  • Jay - I often do new subdivision setups for our company and have to do these "bulk" adds where I load a whole group of new jobs into the system, normally with related job numbers and also with quite a bit of related information required (street addresses, lot number, auditor parcel number, phase etc..).  If you have a copy of Microsoft Access or Office Connector Write, you can easily lay everything out in an Excel spreadsheet and then bulk add it all at once,  It's a pretty straight forward process.  If you don't have Office Connector Write, which I don't, you need to have a copy of Microsoft Access.  Excel can't directly create new jobs in Sage, however you get around that by using a simple Access inked query.  If you're a member of the TUG user's group, I have a class example from my Intermediate ODBC lab that does this exact thing - loads 100 lots for a new subdivision from a spreadsheet.  If not, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]t and I can likely walk you through it.  It's a pretty neat trick.