Prior period Trial Balance

We closed our fiscal year (8/31/21) and I need to run a trial balance for that period.  Is there a way to print the Trial Balance for a prior period?  Help!

  • You must be familiar only with the Trial Balance report on the General Ledger reports menu which merely prints a list of accounts and the balances as they exist on at the time you print the report.

    You can print Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, etc) either from the GL > Reports > Financial Statements menu or directly from within the Financial Statement Designer application, and use the "roll back" feature allowing to you select the number of months you wish to roll back.

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  • If you are using Sage 300 CRE then, GL > Reports > Year to Date Ledger  you should see a box next to "Modify Date Range" ... click that box and you will be able to select your date range and print a prior Trial Balance report. Hope this helps! Slight smile

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