2021 Tax Updates

It's  1/12/21 and CASDI has still not been updated via a SAGE tax update, its easy enough to override as a user but I wonder how many users don't realize SAGE has not updated that.

Also am I the only one that laughs when doing a tax update and seeing the message "if you use a dial-up connection, please disconnect when you finish"?

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  • in reply to Terese Lindgren

    KBID23723 while having some typos says it will be updated.

    • alifornia State Disability Insurance (CASDI) Effective date: January 1, 2020. The withholding rate will change to 1.2%. The taxable wage limit increased to $128,298.00. This change was not included in the initial 2021 tax update but will be included in an upcoming tax update.