Generating Electronic Payments

I'm looking for information on using Electronic Payment Options that are offered in the Account Payable module, I'm a little confused about how that works and communicate with the different banks we use. Also, I would spend  a lot of time reaching out to vendors to collect the bank information. Any Feedback?

I also looked into the AvidXchange. We currently use them to Print checks using the CREATE A CHECK module, but the options for Electronic payment is a little expense. Any feedback?


  • We use Telpay so am very interested in following the comments to your post.

  • Electronic Payment Options works and it communicates with all the banks. Yes, you would spend a lot of time reaching out to your vendors to collect bank information but if you want to give it a try, here are the steps:

    1. In AP, Vendor setup, under Terms and Defaults tab, payment type should be "electronic". Then under "electronic pay settings" tab, complete Bank Routing, Acct#, account type information.

    2. Then, call your bank to get the following information you should enter in this step: Immediate Origin: xxxxxxxxxx and Company ID xxxxxxxxxx

    In AP, Generate Electonic Payments, go to Options tab and complete as follows:

    Origin ID Type: Bank Assigned

    File ID Modifier type: Alpha

    Source: Origin Name: your account name

    Immediate Origin: this is what your bank has to provide

    Company ID: this is what your bank has to provide


    Name: complete the bank name of your customer

    Routing#: customer bank routing#

    3. When you enter an invoice in AP deemed for electronic payment, under distribution click on "add a column" tab and add "payment type" so you can choose "electronic"

    4. When your electronic payment is generated, turn on your detail tab so you can see all the detail

    I hope this helps, Good Luck!

  • Hi Kelly,

    Sage Knowledgebase Article 27075 How do I setup and use Electronic Payments in Accounts Payable? has a PDF document with information about the setup and workflow.

    You may want to contact your bank first to get their file format information to make sure it can be accommodated in the software.


  • Is there a way to save this in the Vendor set up so it doesn't have to be entered each time?


    Name: complete the bank name of your customer

    Routing#: customer bank routing#

  • Do you have the information populated on the vendor Electronic payment settings tab?