Sage 300 CRE - Lack of Any Real Updates or Enhancements

We have been a long-time user of Sage 300 CRE (10+ years).  The upgrade and product enhancement process has always been poor, and it seems to have gotten progressively worse in the past few years.  I'd go as far as to say it's egregious - users pay thousands of dollars a year for upgrades and product support, yet all Sage seems to ever do is fix a glitch here and there.  For instance, users have been asking for Sage to make the font bigger in certain windows, or give us more characters on certain lines - even simple fixes like that are ignored, version after version after version.  We pay what I consider over-priced annual support (now it's at 22% of license costs??) for an utter lack of product enhancements and development.  I ask my fellow Sage users, is my company the only one that is absolutely incensed over this?  And I ask Sage - are you trying to sunset this product, and you're just not letting your users know?  Has the budget for Sage 300 development been slashed down to nothing?  A few weeks ago, I saw a thread pop up about this same issue, and the powers that be over at Sage quickly shut it down.  All I know, is we are SICK AND TIRED of paying exorbitant fees every year and getting little to no product enhancements in return.  It's almost criminal...

  • Every year, I ask why we pay so much in annual support for a system that has not progressed over time. Our company has had Sage 300 since 1999 and I have been using it since 2010. The Gold package is soooo expensive. I agree it does have an archaic feel and look.

  • I just inquired about down -grading our plan. And there are  really only 2 plans, Silver and Gold. With Silver you get 5 tickets per year and Gold is unlimited. There is only about a 10% pricing difference, which would make most people choose the Gold. The only upside is they apparently offer installment plans, which I had never been offered before. I would much rather have a pay as you go scenario with some kind of basic fee each year.

  • I agree 100%, especially since it's time to pony up our annual fee (silver) for $7500. We have been a user since 1997 and the interface has changed minimally since then and the price of the maintenance plan has increased exponentially for what I would call a sub-par product. They used to have a third-level lower priced plan that didn't include any tickets (which was fine for us) but they discontinued that plan years ago. Instead of improving their base product, it seems like they like to add new programs (ie Service Operations) so they can get you to pay more, or you end up adding an outside program like Timberscan. I dread having to upgrade every year, with all the time and hassles, only to be disappointed that there is no noticeable difference in the upgraded version. If I wasn't such an old dog nearing retirement, I would probably look into moving to a different program altogether.

  • Agree 100%. I've only been using the software since December 2015 but my company has been using also 10+ years now. Our Contract Administrator has asked for several enhancements over the years but hasn't seen any.  One thing that bugs her is running out of characters when setting up a new client or subcontractors. When a companies legal names exceeds the characters allowed they don't always like how we have to abbreviate their name. I've used other accounting software that when you run a Financial Statement on your screen you can drill down to find out what is behind the numbers. In order for me to find out what makes a number on a Financial Statement I need to go into Financial Statement Designer first to see which accounts are grouped together. Then I can go into the GL and look at those entries but since the GL doesn't give me any real detail as it posts entries into groups, I then need to look into AP transactions, GL Reconciliation and the list goes on and on.

  • Also 100% agree.  15+ year User.  No noticeable improvements.  Font size awful.  I now operate at 125% zoom at all times & while reconciling bank, using 150% to avoid a migraine.  Would definitely like to see some improvements!!    If it wasn't so expensive to switch, we would have done that years ago.  For small simple companies, we use's continually upgraded.  I just can't believe that Sage300 doesn't have some of the basic features Sage50 does...example - 1 touch "email direct deposit stub" for payroll.