Sage 300 CRE - Lack of Any Real Updates or Enhancements

We have been a long-time user of Sage 300 CRE (10+ years).  The upgrade and product enhancement process has always been poor, and it seems to have gotten progressively worse in the past few years.  I'd go as far as to say it's egregious - users pay thousands of dollars a year for upgrades and product support, yet all Sage seems to ever do is fix a glitch here and there.  For instance, users have been asking for Sage to make the font bigger in certain windows, or give us more characters on certain lines - even simple fixes like that are ignored, version after version after version.  We pay what I consider over-priced annual support (now it's at 22% of license costs??) for an utter lack of product enhancements and development.  I ask my fellow Sage users, is my company the only one that is absolutely incensed over this?  And I ask Sage - are you trying to sunset this product, and you're just not letting your users know?  Has the budget for Sage 300 development been slashed down to nothing?  A few weeks ago, I saw a thread pop up about this same issue, and the powers that be over at Sage quickly shut it down.  All I know, is we are SICK AND TIRED of paying exorbitant fees every year and getting little to no product enhancements in return.  It's almost criminal...

  • Agreed. Paying $2,500 a year for support (which we don't use) and upgrades (nearly non-existent) is a joke.

    We've been using Sage CRE 300 since 2003. It was expensive to purchase, and is expensive to maintain each year. I have no idea how competing construction software packages compare in terms of purchase price, maintenance costs, ease of use, etc.

  • I wish we only paid $2,500. Our Gold package is more than 4 times that. I just inquired about changing plans, but from what I see online they only have 2.

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