401K/Roth Fringe Match Combined

I'm curious if anyone has a situation similar to what we have with our 401K/Roth Matching and how they went about creating the formula.  I've looked at several KBs on the Sage website and none will seem to match what we are doing or don't appear that they will.  I've the requirements below, the issue that I can't seem to figure out is the splitting of the formula for the roth portion.

Company Matches Dollar for Dollar up to 3%, and .50 up to 5.  This  is combined the max match between both together.

Ex 1: Employee Contributes 5% to 401K and 3% to Roth.  Match would be 4% to 401K and 0% to Roth.

Ex 2: Employee Contributes 3% to 401K and 2% to Roth. Match would be 3% 401K and 1% to Roth.

Ex 3: Employee Contributes 1% to 401K and 4% to Roth.  Match would be 1% to 401K and 3%  to Roth.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • We are Safe Harbor and we do not have to submit separate matching totals for pre-tax vs Roth. So, I just need to have a combined match number on my report to submit. I have 4 formulas with 3 of the formulas nested within the main formula to get the combined match.

    I've attached screenshots of each formula.

    401K Combined Match (amount reported to 401(k) plan)

    401K Combo Deduct (amount of both pre-tax and Roth deductions for each employee)

    401K Deduct (Pre-tax deduct amount for each employee)

    401K Roth Deduct (Roth deduct amount for each employee)

    Hopefully this helps!