Clearing Rejected Entries on GL Post Entries Report

I am the new CFO with my company and new to Sage 300 CRE.  I am working on cleaning up a few things and I came across an area where I need some help.

On the GL Post Entries Report there are four separate entries that were made in the Billing module that were rejected by the General Ledger module for various reasons.  These all occurred in previous periods that have since been closed.  I have researched each of these items and found that separate adjustments were made to the General Ledger module to account for all four.  My problem is that the General Ledger Post Entries Report still includes these rejected items. 

How can I remove these rejected entries from the General Ledger Post Entries Report so that I don't have to see them everytime I post entries?  I know they have been resolved and just need them removed from the report.