PO archive and upgrade?

Has anyone had experience with archiving the PO module?   According to KB articles, moving POs and COs to history is the first step in improving performance in the PO module.  Clean out all those old records.   I have done this in a test environment and can clean up 10's of thousands of records.  But the real fix is to run the PO Module File Upgrade.  KB reports this is where the performance gain is realized.   I have tested this and it seems to work, but when you look a the log you find there were errors.  In ICTRANS and PODETAIL error "problem insufficient disk space" pointing to location on C: and referring to tables ictrannote and description.   This occurred when we had to upgrade the PO files when we upgraded to version 17.1 for the SQL Replicator stuff.  Got the same errors.   Speaking with Sage and doing a little digging this is a know bug in the Borland data base.  It can't handle free space in multiples of 2 or 4 !??!?!   I got very lucky when upgrading to 17.1 - i created dummy files to adjust free space.   I have monkeyed with this in my test environment I can't get the PO files to upgrade cleanly. 

So sorry for the long note - - - just want to toss this out there - - does anyone know what I am talking about?  Has anyone successfully upgraded their PO DB?