Non Sage DB Report within Sage 300 CRE

I have created a data warehouse database within the Sage 300 CRE SQL replicated databases to merge some of the data from both Timberline and Timberscan for reporting.  I have been able to write the Crystal Report and have it work when previewing from with Crystal Reports but I receive an error when running from within Timberline.  I was curious if this is even a possibility to have a non-Sage DB report run from within their product or if I need to look into a Crystal Report Viewer tool or possibly go the SSRS route.

  • HI Curtis,

    All Crystal reports written with a SQL data source must have the integration formula called tsReportType in order to generate it in 300 CRE.  The formula is 'sql'; create the formula in the design and there's no need to add it to the canvas. All the integration formulas are listed in the 300 CRE Users Guide. Please see if this will fix your issue.

    As a note, Sage only tests and supports reports written with Sage replicated SQL data, not with non-Sage DB.

  • Curtis,

    You didn't indicate the specific error you are getting, but in my experience you can connect to other SQL databases (non-Sage SQL Replicator databases) from the Sage 300 CRE report menus using one of two methods:

    1. Create an ODBC DSN that connects to the specific SQL database and use that ODBC DSN as your data source in the Crystal Report.

    2. Use an ODBC connection string to your SQL database(s) as your data source in the Crystal Report.

    Option #1 would require that the DSN be set up on each workstation, so I would not use that option unless it is in a Terminal Server or Citrix environment where everyone logs in using the same server(s), or if there are very few workstations.  The advantage of that option is that if you ever change your SQL server it is easy to change the DSN to point to a different server, whereas using option #2 in that case would mean you need to modify all the Crystal Reports to make them point to the new server.

    These options work fine from the report menus in the software, but they don't work when used from a Desktop home page.  

  • Gary,

    The current one that I am working on is giving me the below error.  The report works fine when I run from within Crystal but not from within Sage.