What does *!! at the end of a general ledger report mean?

On some reports at the end I'm seeing *!! at the end and was wondering why or what it meant

  • Hi Vince,

    The exclamation points (!!) indicates that the transaction activity for that period does not match the activity balance on the account for that same period (Activity tab in GL Setup > Accounts). This may be caused by:

    • running the report too far in the past where the activity balance for that period is no longer on the Activity tab on the account (Sage Knowledgebase article 24348)
    • moving transactions to history for that period and the Ledger Settings are not set to include the history file (Sage Knowledgebase article 27780)
    • a problem during posting where the balances did not get updated
    • using named files for the GL Transaction and the wrong file was selected for the current.glt file during posting
    • a problem during Close Current Period/Close Fiscal Year where the calendar periods and activity balances are not in alignment

    If your issue is not one of the first two, I recommend you call Customer Support so we can help identify which issue it is and get it corrected.