Report Designer Time format

I'm trying to create a formula for a date stamp time condition but cannot seem to figure out the format used for a time constant.

For example: Time Stamp > 14:30:00 doesn't work. What is the proper format for a time constant?

  • Use the NEWDATE function to return a date that can be used for comparison. There is also a TIMEDIFF function, but that probably doesn't help you. Search the Help files in Report Designer for the proper format for use of these functions. 

  • Thanks,

    NEWDATE doesn't seem to work with time (as opposed to date) values. I tried using TIMEDIFF  but have the same problem, getting it to accept a constant time value. "Help" doesn't help much as far as that goes.

    I'm trying to filter for date/time stamps on transactions, (e.g.  DateStamp = 022319 AND TimeStamp > 14:30:00). The value for DateStamp is accepted but I can't get obvious format to work for the TimeStamp.

  • You can you use conditions because they will allow you to do 2 conditions: 1. "Date Stamp" & "Equal to"  and "Time Stamp" & "Greater than" while handling the formatting issue.

  • That's exactly what I'm trying to do but the Time Stamp condition will not accept a constant in any format I can come up with.

    14:30 doesn't work

    14:30:00 doesn't work

    143000 doesn't work

    14-30-00 doesn't work.

    I can use a Prompt Field to provide the Time parameter but for my purposes a constant is more desirable.

  • I just tried and setup the conditions based on "Prompt fields" where the date is prefilled with the system date and the time is prefilled with the system time.  That way I could see the format for the time and in my test it was 14:30:00.  I think there can be a couple of ways you could format the prompt field for time, so using the prompt field formatted as time should help you figure out which is the correct format.