Sample Data


I am trying to add the sample accounting data to my company list but I keep getting an error that says a company with that name already exists even though I can't see it.  Can someone shed some light on what I am doing wrong?



  • Your security permissions could be preventing you from seeing the sample company. There are two sample companies installed with the standard software installation, but if security permissions by company are turned on, you may not have permission to see them. If you are the security administrator and logged in with administrator credentials, then the issue may be something else.

  • Given the fact that only administrative users have the ability to add companies, I suspect the cause of this is an orphaned record in the table which maintains company security.  Most likely the company security still contains a reference to the sample data company folder from a previous server, and because that server has been decommissioned you can no longer see it from the company list window itself.  The resolution of this will probably require contacting support who can use a Company Editor support tool to confirm whether or not this is the case, and clear it out.