• Vacation payout tables


    We're using Sage 100 Contractor Canadian, version 22.4.27. I use 5-2-2 Payroll Records to create paycheques. There's 2 spots I could payout vacation: at the top in the box that says "Vacation Payout", or in the calculations tab where I have Vacation…

  • What would cause local county tax to be deducted on one employee, but not the other?

     Each employee made the same amount of money, worked the same hours, and each live in a resident county. I have checked the employee setup, all seems correct. 

  • overbillings and fiscal periods

    This is my first year using Sage 100 Contractor (or sage at all). I started with a construction company in March 2021. I recently took a deep dive into how the overbillings and changes to estimated job profits effect each fiscal period. I simply wanted…

  • A/P-A/R DPO - Owner Direct Purchase

    We are using Sage 100con.  We purchase items from a vendor and receive an invoice that is then paid for by the GC and we are given a deductive change order on the progress billing. How do we show the open invoice in AP paid for against the progress billing…

  • Voided invoice in invoice platform and not in progress billing

    I voided an invoice, not the progress billing. Now, the progress billing shows we billed out $$$, but invoice shows voided and no $$ on the AR. 

    So, how do I connect that voided invoice back to the progress billing?  Also, in the process we closed the progress…

  • Posting a payment against a liability account

    The owner of the company made a loan to the company, and the account is listed as a long term liability in Sage. He created a service receivable invoice for some items he purchased and wants the amount applied against the loan. I tried to do a journal…

  • How to clean up A/P discrepancies

    I recently inherited the accounting of a firm that did not have a lot of basic bookkeeping chops, so I've been doing a lot of cleanup work.  They are using Sage 100 Contractor 2019, which is completely new to me, so I have been learning on the go.  I…

  • How do you void an invoice from a GL period that is closed?

    How do you voi an invoice from a GL period that is closed?

  • Markups change not updating Billing Amounts.

    We used 9-7 to update the markups grouped by values.  We updated all our part markups but Sage doesn't recalculate the Billing Amount accordingly. What is the point of allowing the change to the markup but not implementing the new Billing Amount? We have…

  • Inventory not being decremented

    Why would inventory not be decremented when a service invoice is posted?  Currently, Service Trade pushes the invoice into Sage 100 Contractor and then we go in a post the invoice once we confirm everything looks good.  If parts are selected in Service…

  • Accounts Payable Discounts Earned GL account

    We need to change the Discounts Earned GL account (in 1-8) to a Direct Expense GL account and Sage is only allowing an Operating Income account to be used. Is there a way to get around this? Does everyone use an Operating Income account?

  • 401K Match - Safe Harbor

    Hello!  Does anyone have a KB article or procedure for creating a safe harbor 401K match calc in Sage 100 Contractor?  EX: 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 2%

  • Non Job Receivable / Vendor Receivable


    I am new to this forum. I was not able to find any recent discussions or threads to help me answer my question, but hopefully someone here can help me out.... (this is in Sage 100 Contractor)

    1. I have not found a way to create a receivable that…

  • Sage100 Contractor 2019 - Posting Deposits not utilizing 3 - 3 - 1


    We have Sage 100 Contractor 2019 and we currently post deposits on work orders through the work order screen when our work orders are not complete (1-Open - Posted).  I am not sure why no one else is having problems posting single only deposits…

  • Job Costing issue with HST

    In Job Costing what would cause the taxabl field to change from its default value of 1 to 0 in the Jobcst table?

  • Purchase Orders

    Can someone give me a quick insight on how they use the PO's in the Project Manager module?  I am not understanding how the flow of this is supposed to work.  We need to issue a PO to one vendor but need to track them by phase (I think I have to issue…

  • Workers Comp Wages

    In 5-1-5-21 Worker's Comp Report, the Workers Comp Wages column is deducting the employee paid health insurance and 401K amounts. I'm sure its due to how those two payroll calculations are set up. I need to change something in the calculations, but, I…

  • Applying payments to Accounts Receivable


    Currently we use Sage 100 to manually post payments to monthly recurring receivables.  These receivables are rentals. All payments are entered into an offline excel spreadsheet and then manually entered in 3-3-1, one by one.  Is there a way this…

  • Recalculating Grid

    How can I save and post a progress billing.  I'm being asked to recalculate the grid before I can save and post?

    I have a few negative amounts in the current completed in order to reverse a change order processing error made on my part.

    Thank you…

  • Fringe benefits and before tax IRA

    I have a payroll question related to fringes and employee IRA contributions.  This is a simple IRA and is taken before taxes.   I have the fringes set up as a benefit on the appropriate paygroups with an offset for each employee based on the benefits we…

  • Pay roll calculation change

    Hi, I need to change the safety shoe calculation in 5-3-1 to be “employers cost” not “add to gross”; 

    does any one know if this can be edited on the current calculation and does the “show on pay stub” have to be checked…

  • Purchase Order Changes

    Has anyone had changes to a purchase order and if so, how do you handle those in Sage 100 Contractor?  

  • How to update assemblies in take off templates

    Hi there, I would like to know if I am able to update the assembly 1. Parts and 2. Quantity of existing parts if I go and update the assembly master? Will this allow me the option to update the changes to the assembly in all takeoffs where it is used…

  • Job Cost


    I deleted a job from Job Cost. First I reversed estimates, after that I deleted categoris and cost codse. After that I was able to delete job in job set up. It still shows up on labor and material report, but it doesn't exists. How do I fix that…

  • Voiding a Stale Check from Previous Archived Fiscal Year in Sage 100 (America)

    Good morning,

    Is there a need to void a stale check from previous archived year?

    Thank you,