• Access Level of Sage Users - What Does Your Company Do ?

    I'm curious to know how other companies use Sage.  We currently have 1 person who can do everything - all posting, deleting, voiding, etc. This is also the only person who can cut checks and post adjusting entries straight to the general ledger.  We…

  • Starting over with a new company

    So if I was going to start a whole new company, but I wanted to keep/import all vendor/employee/client data, past Billings, etc, how might I go about that? I want the balance sheet to reset to zero essentially, and all AP and AR will be zero. I would…

  • Multi Phase Job

    Good afternoon!  

    We are beginning a project that will have multiple phases over multiple years.  We will be fabricating spools and receiving material that will end up on this project at some point.  The fabrication will be done at multiple sites and shipped…

  • Does Sage crash frequently for you? Just how stable is Sage 100C?

    Hi everyone, I've been working with Sage Support for the past year trying to find out why our Sage keeps crashing. 

    We have tried lots of things, but as the issue isn't 100% replicable and happens to our users at random, I wanted to find out if it…

  • Forecasting

    Is there a way to forecast in Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Workers Comp Wages

    In 5-1-5-21 Worker's Comp Report, the Workers Comp Wages column is deducting the employee paid health insurance and 401K amounts. I'm sure its due to how those two payroll calculations are set up. I need to change something in the calculations, but, I…

  • Calculated Field for custom report form in 6-6-1 (POs) for POs issued through 11-2 (Work Orders)

    I am trying to write a calculated field expression that will pull in a Service Work Orders (11-2) location number and name, as well as the location address when there is a document# in the PO Document# field. If there is no Document# in the PO Document#…

  • Fringe benefits and before tax IRA

    I have a payroll question related to fringes and employee IRA contributions.  This is a simple IRA and is taken before taxes.   I have the fringes set up as a benefit on the appropriate paygroups with an offset for each employee based on the benefits we…

  • Voiding a Stale Check from Previous Archived Fiscal Year in Sage 100 (America)

    Good morning,

    Is there a need to void a stale check from previous archived year?

    Thank you,


  • Wokers' Compensation Calculations

    Does anyone happen to know the 'behind the scenes' math for the 5-3-2 Workers' Compensation table window? I need to know how to set it up for the most accurate job/employee costing. For example does the Liability column calculation run after…

  • Prevailing Wage Rate lower than employee's regular rate

    Is there a way to set up a paygroup for an employee whos regular rate of pay is greater than the prevailing wage rate so it uses the regular rate of pay but still pulls in the paygroup's fringe calculations?

  • vacation pay out - list (Canada)


    Is there a way to print out a list of employees that currently have banked vacation to pay out 

  • Progress Billing

    Does anyone know how to put the Previous Adds & Deductions on a custom report form?  I am using the User Defined line item to show which application it first shows up on.  It works fine if I use it on a detail line of the report, but when I try to use…

  • T&M reports

    I have a large project I am billing T&M.   I've been pulling reports from 6/1/4 thinking they would be the same as the T&M summary or journal.   Turns out there is a difference.  Can anyone tell me why these reports would not pull the same for…

  • Sage Intelligent Reporting vs Liberty Reports

    I am a long time user of Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder).  I need more flexibility in data reporting from the system.  I have read that Sage Intelligence Reporting and Liberty Reports are two add-in options.  If you have experience with either…

  • Can someone give functionality, ease of use and pricing comparisons between Sage Intelligence and Libery reports when working with/from Sage 100 Contractor- Thanks

    I am a long time user of Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder).  I need more flexibility in data reporting from the system.  I have read that Sage Intelligence Reporting and Liberty Reports are two add-in options.  If you have experience with either…

  • Newbie Question - How do I get a contract to populate so I can apply an invoice?

    We just had our information migrated over from QuickBooks. I am having a lot of trouble with invoice entry. I was able to edit the change orders migrated so that when I enter in subcontractor information, the change orders pop up. However, I cannot figure…

  • Reference Project Total

    I use Sage Estimating Core Plus. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to reference the Project total amount in an item to add a percentage. For example say I wanted to add .4% of the Project total as a Building Permit cost. How would I do that…

  • Entering a job deposit/retainer

    I'd love to hear how others enter job deposits?  We use Progress billing as well as Time & Material billing as the Invoice Detail for each Progress Invoice.


  • Modifying default report forms

    My company operates 4 different Sage 100 Contractor companies, with different tax ids and and banks and logos and entity names.  I'd like to customize the default system report and landscape report forms to get our branding on them, reduce our color print…

  • Reports - % column

    Can I add % to a report? Specifically Job Cost Summary (6-1-4-31).


  • where is the Required Notice for Sick Pay that must accompany the W-2 for 2020?

    IRS issued a notice, # N-20-54 that includes on page 9 the suggested language that must accompany the W-2 for sick pay reported in Box 14. How do I know that these notices will be included with the W-2, as the IRS notice says is required?

  • Label Writer/Printer

    I noticed under 3-1-7 there is a client mail label report.   Is there anyone that uses this with label writers/printers?   If so what one do you recommend?  Also how well does it work?  TIA

  • Time & Material Billing Show a discount give to Client in bill

    Hi! Sorry if already answered - I could not find it. 

    T&M Billing that we would like to show the Markup (10%) and then show a discount (5%) for both labor and materials, so the client realizes how we got to  the requested amount. 

    I see the "Shown Markup…

  • Report Showing AR Invoices Associated with Payment Applications

    I am trying to generate a report that lists not only the AR Invoices for a project but the number of the payment application (if applicable) that invoice is for. Example: Job # 9999, Invoice # 20001, Payment Application #1. I can not determine which fields…