• Does Sage crash frequently for you? Just how stable is Sage 100C?

    Hi everyone, I've been working with Sage Support for the past year trying to find out why our Sage keeps crashing. 

    We have tried lots of things, but as the issue isn't 100% replicable and happens to our users at random, I wanted to find out if it…

  • Sage Critical Message

    I logged in this morning to my Sage100 Contractor and on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen there is a red button.  When I hold my cursor over it I get a statement there is a Sage 100 Critical message.


    In typical useless SAGE…

  • I logged in to my computer today, and it had an error...

    I logged in to my computer today, and it says "this program will terminate, the registration information found for this product is not valid. You must reinstall this software", what do I do, my version is older ver 10, I believe.

  • Anyone having a problem with Edit Form Design being SLOW - literally 3 second between each letter entered?

    We issue lien waivers with subcontractor payments. While trying to modify the form design (to change the job name), when backspacing or typing, it takes 3 seconds between letter entries.  This never occurred before but since last version update, it it…

  • reports run slow in some clients, not others

    I write custom reports for Sage 100 Contractor, lots of them, for clients around the USA.

    PROBLEM: Some reports are complicated, but run quickly at some clients, and the same report very slowly at another.

    • Quick like 40 seconds,
    • slow like 25 minutes…
  • Sage 100 Notes Very Slow

    Using version For some reason it takes anywhere from half a minute to a full minute for any notes section to show the pop-up screen. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a solution to make it faster?

  • Delay when opening the notepad of records.

    What causes a delay when opening the notepad of records? It seems to take much longer for some users to open an existing note on a record

    Is there anything we can do to resolve this issue for that user?

  • Copy Record, Paste Record, and Load Template not working in V22.1 Sage 100 Contractor

    6-11-8, the copy record, paste record doesn't work correctly, reported to support, but until it is fixed, we are grounded, and not able to function.

    the message field doesn't copy, this is a major problem for us, Any one else having issues with this…

  • Exclusive Rights

    Used to be able to Do a Tune-up of the DB then a Terminate to remove the Exclusive Rights issue. In Version 21.3 the Terminate open is gone.

    Any ideas on how to get Exclusive Rights to work?

    Thanks, Brad

  • slow entry?

    As of Friday, 5/10/19, typing on Notes and Work Order Notes is extremely slow in Sage 100 Contractor, version The rest of our Sage typing is normal. Is anyone else having this issue?  Does anyone have a suggestion for solving this? We've rebooted…

  • Service Recievables - locations

    Is anyone having an issue with locations in service receivables?   We have noticed that after entering a work order with a location that if you go back in and edit the order for any reason the location description stays the same but the location address…

  • Sage 100 Contractor version running extremely slow

    Since upgrading to the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor, our performance has slowed down considerably. It's quite common to get "(not responding)" for 10-15+ seconds after hitting the enter key. Several of our users have discovered that…

  • Live Chat

    I have been waiting for a call back from 3 differn't requests on "live Chat"   It has been a horrible experience!   I waited on hold for 45 min trying to get Sage 100 sales, hoping they could get some one in support to call me.   If this is Sage…

  • F1 Help Function not Working

    just recently My help command stopped working, it does not matter where I try to excess help in sage 100 Contractor I get nothing, by pressing F1 nor going to Home&Resourses Tab and try there, nothing works. Has anybody run into this issue before?…

  • Screen 5-5-1 is extremely slow

    We are on version 20.6.84 which fixed the delay in other screens, but this screen seems to be slower now than it was in the past. We have a lot of data that is entered into this screen daily by 4 different users that access at different times. Each user…

  • Moving Slowly Through Grids

    I did notice that there were a few questions about the grids being slow. I thought it was just the payroll grids 5-51 and 5-2-2 but I'm noticing now that even the 1-3 grid can be slow. I am on version I have contacted Sage and IT on this and…

  • Sage 100 contractor > bid item markup: bug!

    In Sage 100 Contractor, Estimating module (9-5 screen), in the Bid Items window, "Overhead/Profit" columns don't always calculate. There's a workaround (delete the value, save, close out, enter new value, save). Is this a known bug? This is not the same…

  • Drill-down capability on Departmental Income Statements in V20.5?

    Is there a known glitch with the drill-down capability on departmental income statements in the Sage100 Contractor 2017 V20.5?  It just sits and spins when trying to drill down to see the detail within a general ledger account.

  • Sage Paperless Construction and Sage Service Operations

    I have a client who is running Sage Paperless Construction hosted on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server.  They use it alongside Sage Service Operations to enable field employees to log on via a web app.  Once a week, the web app component stops working…

  • Sage 100 Contractor vs Sage 300

    We are about upgrade our company program, network systems.

    I have used only Sage 100 and 100 contractor so far though my boss asked me about Sage 300.

    Anyone used Sage 100 contractor and Sage 300 before and/or present and could tell me pros and cons?

  • Need feedback on running Sage 100 Contractor on a cloud server

    We are considering using a company called TRAPP Technology to host our Sage 100 Contractor in a cloud environment.  We did a trial run and it performed perfectly with only 2 virtual desktops.  However, it didn't take long to realize that upgrading to the…

  • Fatal Error from Dashboard of Database Administration Toolbox

    Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor (DA) includes a Dashboard under Toolbox...

    When clicked the Dashboard runs diagnostics on 5 items. When it gets to "Disk Performance" the following error is received:

    "Value was either too large…

  • Sage 100 2016 Can edition - Slow grids in 11-2 and 5-5-1 - not responding

    Ever since I performed the version change I have been experiencing very slow grids in 11-2 and 5-5-1 (daily payroll entry). There is a 2-3 sec delay in tabbing across the grid columns to the point where it actually says  it is NOT-RESPONDING!! Really annoying…

  • Why does the Enter key skipping multiple cells?

    Sage 100 Contractor 2016 SQL issue with the Enter key skipping multiple cells when posting time sheets and invoices.

    Sage 100 Contractor 2016 SQL issue with the Enter key skipping multiple cells when posting time sheets and invoices. How do we fix this…

  • Is anybody else finding the data entry screens to be slower in v20 than v19?

    I especially notice a lot of lag in:

    - payroll timecard line entry

    - A/P invoice entry lines

    - querying vendor/payroll/client/job records

    Is it just me?