New to company that offers health insurance to employees( worked for union shop before).  I don't know how to print the 1095C for the employees. Can someone help me on how to obtain this information , print out and submit to federal government.

  • Forecasting

    Is there a way to forecast in Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Forecasting / PL projections per project?

    We are using sage 100 Contractor

    We've been trying our best to work within sage 100 to do proper forecasting / p&l statements per project.  We've had lots of limitations with the committed cost reports and other forecasting elements within sage…

  • Budget balance reports?

    Does anyone know of a Report I can run monthly that will show any open non-billed budgets? 

    Would like to be able to run a monthly report that shows all our projects, in order to make sure we can track the billings on each project ( we have about 30 projects…

  • Worker's Comp is showing up on employees w-2's

    The amount our company paid for each employee is showing on the employee's W-2. Aatrix wants me to assign it a box and a code. No other software we've ever used put the W/C on the W-2s.

    Worker's Comp is set up as a payroll calculation, type 11…

  • Income Statement showing subaccounts

    I am wanting to have an income statement report that shows subaccounts. Can someone tell me how to find this?

  • Help With Client


    I work for a service based business, we have hundreds of clients and I am wondering if there is a fast way to run a report on the following:

    How much the client has paid us (AR) and what the costs are.

    Basically I am trying to find a quick way…

  • How to remove extra reports

    Hello, our company has a few different reports for P.O.s and Subcontract listed when we go to select a report to print and it is something I would like to clean up by perhaps removing a couple and renaming some of these. I am looking for help on where…

  • Equipment

    We do all of our own in house maintenance on all of our equipment and are looking for a software that will help us not only track the maintence, but also keep record of what parts and part numbers each piece of equipment takes.  Right now we only have t…

  • Sage 100 "sub" cost codes for General Ledger and for job costs.

    Hello! looking to find out if Sage 100 contractor has the ability to create sub cost codes for the general ledger accounts (we need to break out further but accounting at a high level does not want this level of detail) 

    At a job level, we have about 56…

  • Report to show all vendor contact information

    Hello, our company uses Sage 100 contractor and I am looking to find a report I can run that will show all vendor contact information for each. Especially email addresses. 

  • How do I find where a credit card receipt was posted to?

    When I double click on a tranaction, it only take me to the Journal Transaction when it debits Accounts Payable and Credits the credit card.

    I want to know what expense account was debited when the credit card receipt was entered.  The "Go to Source" button…

  • report or query to list union dues amount for the month by employee

    if anyone has any ideas that would be very helpful

    Thank you 

  • Report Design: Report detail area (gray box) ghosting (duplicating itself) in report

    What caused, or how can I prevent, the gray box (report detail area) in the report form from duplicating itself (ghosting), usually in the bottom right side of the report when the report is run. First thought is there is another gray box, even just a…

  • Over/Under Billing Report Filters

    How do you change the period of the over/under billing report so that you can only show a specific range. Our bonding agent needs a WIP report that only shows the first 6 months of the year. 

  • Union Paygroup Report

    Hello All,

    We use the Union Paygroup Report (5-1-7-31) in Sage 100 Contractor to pull information for our monthly union remittance. This report can only be run by period end or check date. I'm looking for a way to run it for the entire month (i.e. 1st…

  • Does anyone have the name of a company that specializes in writing Sage 100 Contactor Reports

    I am looking for a company that can write customized reports for us with a quick turn around.

  • Updating cost types 6-9 in Sage 100

    Hi There, I would like to add additional cost types that can be added to all jobs, is there a way to do this? The user defined options 6-9 I would like to re-lable. I cant find where to do this other than in 6-3 and that seems to be specific to each project…

  • Sage 100 Proposals

    Good day! Could anybody let me know if there is a way to create a proposal in Sage 100 that is not tied to a job? For example I have a customer who would like to have a rear deck and air conditioner added to their home. We did not build their home however…

  • 941 Form for 2nd and 3rd quarter 2021


    Does anyone know if Sage supports new earnings codes for the various types of paying concerning FFCRA and how the taxes work on those types of pay or do we need to set our own earnings codes and figure out the taxes manually?

    Also, has anyone heard…

  • Invoice Register

    I just posted an invoice register and chose to select Print to Adobe PDF.  I was not paying attention to where I saved it.  How can I pull that up in Sage for review?

  • Report - monthly billing


    I'm looking for a report to run for monthly billing on specific dates 25th & 15th 

    Does anyone know of a report of such please

  • updating federal taxes for employees

    When an employee changes their tax status after year 2019. Should you remove the number of dependents when checking the Use W-4 amounts?

  • How do you run a payroll by state report?

    We are running on Sage 100, I cannot figure out which report will generate payroll by state.  I need it both for tax reporting and my workers' comp audit, looking for help, thanks.

    Bing Murphy, Connecticut

  • vacation pay out - list (Canada)


    Is there a way to print out a list of employees that currently have banked vacation to pay out