• Drill Down report for Change Order items added to Cost code?


    in the committed cost reports 6-1-12, I see the budget and I see the cumulative Change ORder number.  Is there a way I can drill down or get an itemized list of each change order that is hitting that cost code/budget?  Need to find out what numbers…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Modify Report - Define Selection Criteria - Enable 'Or' logic

    When modifying a report, there is an option to enable 'or' logic in the selection criteria.  I'm having a hard time setting this up and wanted to see if anyone has had success with this.

  • Invoices by job report

    Why are some entered invoices for a specific job not showing up on the invoices by job report?

  • Why do the periods in the top right and bottom center not match on a payroll record in the general ledger?

    Why do the periods in the top right and bottom center not match on a payroll record in the general ledger?

  • What is the best practice to revise job cost budget? 1) Adjust in 6-2 or 2) Internal change order in 6-4-1

    From what I see is you can import a Budget from Takeoffs and then in 6-2 click the set budget button.  If I do this then change the budget in 6-2, I see where Sage separates the budget into Original and Current budget.

    The other options is to go through…

  • Is there an option or work-around to show multiple jobs on one Gantt chart?

    I'd like to be able to pull a Gantt chart that shows everything going on in a month/quarter, ideally for the whole business and by supervisor. I've dug through all the report options and can't seem to find anything, but the Gantt charts are kind of useless…

  • Voided A/P Checks

    I just voided several checks for a vendor. How do I run a voided check report?

  • Manual Payroll checks since update 24.1

    Has anyone had problems printing manual payroll checks since the most recent update to 24.1? When I try to print it says no records found. I double checked with a Payroll Audit and it shows the 2 records that are manual checks as unposted.

  • Can I run an amortization schedule for a piece of numbered equipment in sage 100 contractor?

    I am looking for one report that will show me the life of a loan in Sage.

    I ran 8-1-3-31, and it gives me what went to principal each month and a balance.  Then I ran a 8-1-2-56 for my equip finance cost code and got a total of what went toward interest…

  • Job cost

    How would the job cost reports for active jobs be the exact same in April and May? There were invoices paid throughout the month.

  • External dashboards with Sage 100 Contractor?

    I am running Sage 100 Contractor and looking for an external dashboarding program that links into Sage 100 Contractor and pulls data automatically to update screens around the office.  Anyone doing anything like that with Sage 100?

  • Open Purchase Orders and Contracts for Non Jobs

    Hi there, I am looking for a report that can confirm purchase orders and contracts that are open but do not apply to any specific jobs and are strictly overhead expense booked to the GL accounts. 

  • Accounts Payable Check View

    How do I get from an accounts payable check to the list of invoices paid with that check after the fact?

  • Committed Cost Report Drill Down?

    I have multiple Purchase orders coded to 1 cost code.  Trying to sort thru and see which ones are still open.  I can see the committed cost in the committed cost report, however, I am looking to see what Vendors are assigned to the cost code?  Sort of like…

  • Cost codes for GL accounts on Purchase Orders

    Hi there, we have been able to add the job cost code to purchase orders. Is it possible to do this also with overhead costs and have a General ledger account shown on the purchase order? 

  • Less Details on Certain Payroll Cost Codes


    I would like for my Managers to run the report ( 6-1-2-41 ) - JOB COST TO DATE DETAIL monthly so they can see what costs details are being charged to their jobs.

    However, when I run this report it also shows Payroll costs posted to the job for all…

  • Budget Report Options


    I am looking to run a report that produces:

    • Cumulative budget for specific cost codes across all projects 
    • Would like for the budget to include change order budget uploads
    • For Example, I am trying to tabulate and recap an entire year's budget…
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Payroll Reporting

    Does anyone else have to do monthly reporting of payroll information to the Bureau of Labor Statistics?  If so did you write your own report or how do you pull this data?

  • Reports

    I want to run a report by cost code vs. budget, can I do that?

  • Report Filter Automating

    Does anyone know if we can use fields in the report filters?  For example, if we are running a report every week can a filter be added to always select the 7 days prior?  I am hoping to schedule distribution of reports with pre-populated time ranges for…

  • Open PO list for ALL vendors

    Hey guys!  Wondering which report to use or how to get a list of ALL my open POs for ALL vendors.



  • balance sheet

    Our balance sheet is not reflecting the correct net income amount from the income statement.

  • Sage 100 Estimating Data Transfer

    Hello, we have created some additional estimating parts in a Sample Company and would like to know if we will be able to transfer any of the parts or data into our active company without having to manually re-create? We are aiming to have a transition…

  • Service Days from Request to Invoice Report

    I was looking for a solid report for our service department efficiency and could not find anything I liked.  I created a report which captures the number of days from call to schedule, schedule to invoice, and the total days from call to invoice.  Enjoy…

  • committed cost-developer

    Report 6-1-12-51 Committed Cost-Developer. How does this report for Developer differ from regular reports? There are asterisks after some items, but no description of what the * means.