• Changing default report path

    Is there as way to set the default path for reports? I want to save my invoicing to a specific mapped location. I cannot seem to find a way to do this. Or is it even possible?

  • New Tax code

    I have to set up a tax code under our Sate tax for a School income tax. The problem is the code is 4 digits and the first digit is a 0 zero. It will not let me enter a 0 as a first digit in the tax table. How do I do this?

  • Report Form size restrictions

    In Sage 100 Contractor, is there a restriction on the maximum size the file can be?

    I have a client who set up a 20 page report form, and only 13 pages will show? Most of the pages have a bmp image of the text documents, so the document can get relatively…

  • When can we change GL Account numbering in v19 (Sage 100)?

    Since the change in Sage 100 Contractor with version 19 combining the period and year, and not closing company before starting new year, when can the GL account structure be changed?

  • Closing 2001 zero balance payable invoice?

    In Sage 100 Contractor 2014 (U.S. Edition, version I have a zero balance payable invoice from 2001 on a closed job I want to remove.  I cannot remove the job because it keeps telling me there is an open payable invoice.  How do I close the payable…

  • RE: Expense vs. Budget Reporting: Does anyone have a custom Income Statement Report with SubAccount Detail Actual/ Budget?

    We have found a consultant who specializes in building custom Sage Reports.  We have submitted the request for the report "Income Statement Budget vs Actual with Subaccount Detail."   You can contact me directly for more information.

  • Different Version of an estimate

    What is the best way to save different versions of an estimate done in Sage 100?  It appears it requires a job number to start a takeoff, but what if i want to keep different versions of that estimate (i.e. conceputal estimate, for construction estimate…

  • Employee Absenteeism

    Is there any way to track absenteeism in Sage 100?  There is a box on the payroll record but I can not find a report that would summarize this information.  Any help would be appreciated.


    Jennie Wiskow

  • Add Field to Progress Billing Report

    I am trying to add the architect name and address and the job contact name  to the progress billing report and coming up with issues.  I believe these are calculated fields but not sure how to program it.  Can somebody tell me how to add the following?

  • Sort Receivables by Invoice Date in Sage 100

    Does anyone know how to age receivable invoices by invoice date instead of by due date in Sage 100?  All the reports I've tried in 3-1-3-Receivable Aging age by due date.  Our bank wants a period report aged by invoice date.  I've been using 3-1-3-26…

  • Sage 100 custom integration with ACT! - Work Orders possible?


    Has anyone worked on customizing the integration between ACT! and Sage 100 Contractor?  Specifically I'm interested in creating Work Orders in Sage 100 Contractor from ACT! Opportunities.  The standard integration between ACT! and Sage 100 Contractor…

  • Use of SQL in Sage 100 Contractor Report Writer

    Can anyone tell me how to create a calculated field that has a SQL statement bringing in data from an unrelated table?  I've looked at fields on other reports that I think are doing approximately the same thing but when I modify the SQL statement I keep…


    Does anyone do incentive bonuses and if so how do calculate them.  We are wanting to set this up based on the hours for each employee and the profitability of the completed jobs. 


  • Did you know that ACT! Contact Management software will retain integration with Sage 100 Contractor?

    The makers of ACT! will update the application programming interface (API) and therefore we will continue supporting the Sage 100 Contractor ACT! integration. How are you using ACT! to help streamline your workflow?

    For additional information on ACT!…