• Upload CSV or Excel files into Sage 100 contractor

    Hello, we are are construction company in Edmonton Alberta, Canada looking at different software options to automate our AP process. Some of those options require our accounting staff to be able to upload a CSV file or Excel File to sage. 

    Does Sage 100…

  • Restoring historical data

    History of Question:
    * The SAGE 100 Con database had over 30 companies in it and performance was "sluggish."
    * Backups were made of all companies and copied to another server for safekeeping.
    * A 2nd SQL instance was created and all companies between…

  • Sage 100 Contractor 24.1 - New Important Notes feature

    This is a great new feature, but has a significant flaw.

    The important note uses the same field in the database, so therefore an important note prints on all documents where a note filed is already used on a printed form.  The means that if you want to…

  • google sheets

    We are running our Sage 100 Contractor on a cloud server host. As we occasionally need to export or use spreadsheets. As this is an RDP(remote desktop) situation, MS is not very accommodating with allowing this scenario. Is it possible to allow the product…

  • External dashboards with Sage 100 Contractor?

    I am running Sage 100 Contractor and looking for an external dashboarding program that links into Sage 100 Contractor and pulls data automatically to update screens around the office.  Anyone doing anything like that with Sage 100?

  • Adding the "Reprint Check Stub" Checkbox to Custom Payroll Stub

    I have created a custom paycheck stub and everything works great except I can't find the reprint check stub checkbox to add the to the report.  I started with a copy of the system report and modified it, but this option seems to have disappeared and…

  • A/P Direct Import

    One of my Vendors has offered the opportunity to import invoices directly into the Software.

    Under File Formats there are several including Timberline and CSV

    Does Sage 100 Contractor have the ability to import invoices in this manner?

  • California DIR upload

    We currently use Aatrix to upload prevailing wage reports to the California DIR, however are not completely happy with the program.

    Wondering if anyone else uses something different?

  • Payroll Sage 100 Contractor

    In need of a better system to do our payroll. We are currently using About Time AKA WorkMax. They are SLOW and mess up all the time. My filed guys hate this system and complain every day. There is an issue every week. Most of the time it kicks them out…

  • Work Order details mysteriously moving to an unrelated work order for a different client and deletes the values that were there.

    Work Order details mysteriously moving to an unrelated work order for a different client and deletes the values that were there. 

    Any ideas on how this happens and what we can do to prevent it?

  • Database error

    How did you get this resolved? I just purchased and received the download link. Setup users and database. First time I login it says must upgrade database. I go to upgrade database. In SQL I get an error and it won’t upgrade. In windows it just runs forever…

  • data base size

    What is the typical data base size for Sage 100 Contractor?  Our IT makes it sound like we are using way too much data space.

  • Database Upgrade Issue

    New Sage 100 Contractor User. I just installed the software (single user, accessing software & database directly from server, no network). When logging in to Sage 100 it says I need to upgrade the database. When I try to upgrade the database in Database…

  • Importing GL Budgets into SAGE

    Is there an Office Connector spreadsheet we can import the Budgets into SAGE?

  • Anyone aware of v23 issue daily payroll line numbers in report

    In a custom report showing line numbers for daily payroll data, line 5 shows as line 5,000, line 9 as 9,000, etc. See picture below.

  • Backup Sage 100 Contractor 2014?

    Hey Everyone,

    First time post here any help would be appreciated.  I am running an old version of sage 100 contractor.  I want to upgrade to the latest version but I don't think the version I am running is on SQL.  Could anyone provide some sort of…

  • SAGE Estimating Error message "boolean not recognized"

    Hello, this has happened on two of the take off templates I have been working on while trying to add bid items. I have attached a screen shot of where I have been adding the bid items in the take off templates also. Is this what could be causing the error…

  • Cannot seem to import saved takeoff templates to new jobs

    I have a takeoff template for a home model that is very similar to many other home models we have. I have saved the template as a template file on my local desktop but I cant get the thing to import? None of the templates that were made show up as an…

  • T&M reports

    I have a large project I am billing T&M.   I've been pulling reports from 6/1/4 thinking they would be the same as the T&M summary or journal.   Turns out there is a difference.  Can anyone tell me why these reports would not pull the same for…

  • Connect Purchase Order Header to Job Cost Number

    What tables connect the Purchase order Header to the Job Cost Number ? 
    Also: Is there a PDF document on the tables and their relationships? 

    Thank you,

  • Moving Archived Databases

    I cannot find specific instructions to move OLD databases to a location where they can be safely stored without the required updating of the database when a new update arrives. I have databases going back to 2012 and it takes way too long to upgrade them…

  • Recover deleted records

    Is there a way to recover a deleted change order?

  • achieving databases

    We create a copy of the current year database every year so we're able to have access to GL information older than two years, if needed.  I would like to archieve some of the old databases so the system will run faster.  Has anyone had any experience…

  • issue with DB copy

    I want to make a copy of my Sage 100 DB so we can start user acceptance testing. When I copied my LIVE database that contains financials and job, etc, my copy doesn't have any financials. It's like the copy function only selected certain tables (vendor…

  • Data Dump

    Good Morning,

    Is there a simple way to do a data dump of Basic G&A invoice into an excel spreadsheet?

    Second Question... how do you remove a customer from the aging payable report that shows up with a zero blanace due?