• General Ledger

    In December of 2020 two long term liability accounts were added however the store debit activity was not selected in set up. These two accounts are not being included in the balance sheet statement. Is there a way to manually put in the initial debit…

  • Importing GL Budgets into SAGE

    Is there an Office Connector spreadsheet we can import the Budgets into SAGE?

  • Anyone aware of v23 issue daily payroll line numbers in report

    In a custom report showing line numbers for daily payroll data, line 5 shows as line 5,000, line 9 as 9,000, etc. See picture below.

  • Backup Sage 100 Contractor 2014?

    Hey Everyone,

    First time post here any help would be appreciated.  I am running an old version of sage 100 contractor.  I want to upgrade to the latest version but I don't think the version I am running is on SQL.  Could anyone provide some sort of…

  • SAGE Estimating Error message "boolean not recognized"

    Hello, this has happened on two of the take off templates I have been working on while trying to add bid items. I have attached a screen shot of where I have been adding the bid items in the take off templates also. Is this what could be causing the error…

  • Cannot seem to import saved takeoff templates to new jobs

    I have a takeoff template for a home model that is very similar to many other home models we have. I have saved the template as a template file on my local desktop but I cant get the thing to import? None of the templates that were made show up as an…

  • T&M reports

    I have a large project I am billing T&M.   I've been pulling reports from 6/1/4 thinking they would be the same as the T&M summary or journal.   Turns out there is a difference.  Can anyone tell me why these reports would not pull the same for…

  • Connect Purchase Order Header to Job Cost Number

    What tables connect the Purchase order Header to the Job Cost Number ? 
    Also: Is there a PDF document on the tables and their relationships? 

    Thank you,

  • Vacation payout tables


    We're using Sage 100 Contractor Canadian, version 22.4.27. I use 5-2-2 Payroll Records to create paycheques. There's 2 spots I could payout vacation: at the top in the box that says "Vacation Payout", or in the calculations tab where I have Vacation…

  • Moving Archived Databases

    I cannot find specific instructions to move OLD databases to a location where they can be safely stored without the required updating of the database when a new update arrives. I have databases going back to 2012 and it takes way too long to upgrade them…

  • Recover deleted records

    Is there a way to recover a deleted change order?

  • achieving databases

    We create a copy of the current year database every year so we're able to have access to GL information older than two years, if needed.  I would like to archieve some of the old databases so the system will run faster.  Has anyone had any experience…

  • issue with DB copy

    I want to make a copy of my Sage 100 DB so we can start user acceptance testing. When I copied my LIVE database that contains financials and job, etc, my copy doesn't have any financials. It's like the copy function only selected certain tables (vendor…

  • Data Dump

    Good Morning,

    Is there a simple way to do a data dump of Basic G&A invoice into an excel spreadsheet?

    Second Question... how do you remove a customer from the aging payable report that shows up with a zero blanace due?



  • Selecting null values with report criteria

    I'm trying to build a report that will allow me to select job costs for a list of jobs that have no work order assigned. How do I set the criteria to select null values?

  • Only some users can see all the archived company data, how do I allow other users to see them?

    We have about 30 archived companies going all the way back to 2013 and only three users are able to actually see the archived companies.

    I looked at this article on how to map a network drive and can confirm that all users have the necessary folder for…

  • Removal of an archived company in database administration

    I would like to remove some of the archived data companies in SQL. When ever I upgrade or update the product, I have to update the older Archived databases. Is there a method for removing those companies and storing? I may at some point in the future…

  • Importing Data

    Is there anyway to import anything into Sage 100 Contractor?  Certainly there is some mechanism for migrating data from QuickBooks or Excel to Sage 100... right? 

  • AR Sales Tax District field Randomly being filled

    We are seeing a strange thing happening and wondering if this has happened to any one else. Occasionally, we are seeing strange entries in our AR Sales Tax District field in AR Jobs. These entries do not match the project location. We are removing them…

  • Archiving old data

    Hello my system is running very slow and it seems things aren't posting very quickly-especially in AR.  Someone stated that I needed to Archive my old data.  Would someone know how to help me through this?  Thank you.

  • Sage 100 Contractor nightly back up

    Sage 100 Contractor nightly back up has failed every night since we did our archive of prior year general ledger.   How do find out what the problem is so that we can get the backups performing successfully again?

  • Sage Contractor 100 - Database Admin

    Our Database Admin for Sage Contractor 100 wont allow us to archive 2018 payroll.  The dropdown menu does not have our company listed.  It does elsewhere, but not under the "archive payroll data" link in the left column.   Any help is appreciated…

  • Keep getting error that Sage file did not backup.

    Every time I open Sage Contractor 100 (version I get an error saying that the Sage file did not backup. 

    Though when i check the backup schedule it is set to backup every night.  And i can see the backup files in the backup folder.

    Is this error…

  • Service Profitability Reports STILL NO COST DATA

    After this latest update 21.3.39 Sage 100 Contractor, the service profitability reports are still not showing any cost data.  When will this be corrected?

  • What am I supposed to do when I click on Sage Chat and this comes up: The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

    The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

    I cannot do anything with my Sage Admin software on the server either. I'm totally locked up.

    What's going on with Sage? Why can't I chat either?