• Vacation payout tables


    We're using Sage 100 Contractor Canadian, version 22.4.27. I use 5-2-2 Payroll Records to create paycheques. There's 2 spots I could payout vacation: at the top in the box that says "Vacation Payout", or in the calculations tab where I have Vacation…

  • What would cause local county tax to be deducted on one employee, but not the other?

     Each employee made the same amount of money, worked the same hours, and each live in a resident county. I have checked the employee setup, all seems correct. 

  • Markups change not updating Billing Amounts.

    We used 9-7 to update the markups grouped by values.  We updated all our part markups but Sage doesn't recalculate the Billing Amount accordingly. What is the point of allowing the change to the markup but not implementing the new Billing Amount? We have…

  • 401K Match - Safe Harbor

    Hello!  Does anyone have a KB article or procedure for creating a safe harbor 401K match calc in Sage 100 Contractor?  EX: 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 2%

  • Job Costing issue with HST

    In Job Costing what would cause the taxabl field to change from its default value of 1 to 0 in the Jobcst table?

  • Workers Comp Wages

    In 5-1-5-21 Worker's Comp Report, the Workers Comp Wages column is deducting the employee paid health insurance and 401K amounts. I'm sure its due to how those two payroll calculations are set up. I need to change something in the calculations, but, I…

  • Recalculating Grid

    How can I save and post a progress billing.  I'm being asked to recalculate the grid before I can save and post?

    I have a few negative amounts in the current completed in order to reverse a change order processing error made on my part.

    Thank you…

  • Pay roll calculation change

    Hi, I need to change the safety shoe calculation in 5-3-1 to be “employers cost” not “add to gross”; 

    does any one know if this can be edited on the current calculation and does the “show on pay stub” have to be checked…

  • Prevailing Wage Rate lower than employee's regular rate

    Is there a way to set up a paygroup for an employee whos regular rate of pay is greater than the prevailing wage rate so it uses the regular rate of pay but still pulls in the paygroup's fringe calculations?

  • Connecticut Payroll Setup

    We are a NY contractor that will be working on a project in CT.  Besides State Income tax, State Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation, are there any other codes that we need to set up in Payroll?

  • Connecting Parts to Assemblies

    Whenever a part is updated a Gold arrow pointing to the left appears by that part number in an Assembly.  It appears to do nothing but cause problems.

    1.  Is there a way to get rid of all of them at one time?

    2.  Has anyone figured out if they actually work…

  • Additional Canadian Income Tax not being withheld from employees in Sage 100 Contractor

    Canadian Version Sage 100 Contractor 2019 ( Canada payroll release 2021.1

    Some of my employees have identified they would like to pay an additional amount per pay for Income Tax.  However, Sage will only deduct the amount prescribed by their…

  • Miscalculated assemblies in Sage Takeoff?

    Good day, I have several assemblies that I pull into the takeoffs for parts of the homes we build. I have a problem with some of them showing enormous numbers in comparison to what I was expecting. When I go to make a new takeoff template and add the…

  • pfml insurance

    I am having difficulty setting up a deduction in payroll for pfml insurance. Its a percentage and not just a flat amount. the gross amount less pension, health insurance, dental.it should approximate the PFML tax for Mass but its less.

  • Arizona State Withholding

    I am trying to find out why there is no state withholding being taken out for a job in Arizona we are currently working on.  Our company is in Texas but workers are in Arizona.  I have updated our taxes for this year and the Arizona SWH is in the taxes…

  • Help with Accruing Stat holiday in $ amounts


    I’m hoping someone could help me with this question. Is there a way to accrue statutory holiday pay based on a percentage of gross pay. It should not accrue in the same vacation accrual account. They should both accrue and paid out independent of…

  • Distribution of Monthly Lease Payment

    We have a monthly lease payment that is distributed to all of our current jobs.  It's based on the total monthly lease divided by our total monthly sales times our monthly billing per job.  Is there a way to set this up so the system can automatically…

  • Base Price Formula

    Can someone give me the formula to add a base price to an item?

    For instance: An equipment rental has it's monthly rental fees, but I would like to add the delivery fee to the item as well.


  • Total liability

    I am filling out Form CT-941 and in the lower section it is asking me for the "total liability for the 1st month" of the quarter I am filing for.  In this case it would be October 2019.  How do I come up with that figure?

  • Sage 100 Contractor Emergency Sick Pay

    What is the best way to track the Emergency sick leave (FFCRA)that goes into effect today?  Can we set up a new payclass or create a dummy job??

  • Payroll Tax Tables (New W4 Tab)

    I am having an issue with the new W4 tab.  

    The tax table for an current is completely different than the tax table for a new employee that uses the W4 tab.  Also, once the tab is used, you can't un-use it.

    Current Employee (not using W4 tab, but all…

  • Spelled Check Amount SplAmt

    I'm working to modify a check form to match check stock that my payroll team wants to use.  Their stock has the "Dollars" already printed on it.  On the check form, it is calling a calculated field, payrec^splamt.  That calculated field contains…

  • How to Round a formula (mod function) in Sage 100 contractor?

    How does one Round a formula (mod function) in Sage 100 contractor?

  • Audit Errors

    I just changed my period from October to November and when I ran the audit there were audit errors.  What is my next step to fix these audit errors?  I tried recalculating several times and there are still issues.

  • Payroll Calculation - Garnishment

    How do I set up a Payroll Calculation that is a Percentage of the Net Income?