Restoring historical data

History of Question:
* The SAGE 100 Con database had over 30 companies in it and performance was "sluggish."
* Backups were made of all companies and copied to another server for safekeeping.
* A 2nd SQL instance was created and all companies between 2 years ago and 2010 were moved to the 2nd SQL instance. (about 18-20 companies)
* Three companies for this year and last year were retained in the original database.
* Companies earlier than 2010 were not retained in any database (about 10-12 companies)

* The historical data prior to 2010 has been requested made available so should it go into the 2nd instance or should a 3rd instance of SQL be created?
* What is the procedure to restore the files from the other server to Sage's 2nd or 3rd instance?

I'd rather look foolish in asking the question than in losing the data.

  • Hi Richard. When you say "Companies earlier than 2010 were not retained in any database", does that mean they were not migrated to the SQL version? If so, then you would need to migrate them in. Whether you migrate them to the existing the 2nd existing instance or create a new one is up to you, but it would be easier to manage 2 SQL instances as opposed to 3.

  • The databases that were created prior to 2010 (as well as all the others) were SQL databases running recently, and not part of the MB7 data types needing that type of migration.

    I was told that the Sage balks when more than about 10 databases are in any one SQL instance, so that's why I thought we should consider a 3rd instance (one for current data, one for modern historical data, and one for really ancient data), but I'm too new at this to be doing something different from asking others for their best advice. Do you see the complexity of switching instances as problem for users?

    I haven't found guidance on how to restore the removed files back to Sage, be it instance #2 or #3, so if anyone could point me in that direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Do you have .zip backups for these databases, or just the unattached database files (.mdf, .ldf) for them? If it's the latter, you should contact Sage Support as this would be a special service to restore and attach them to an instance. As for the 10 database thing, the actual number of databases is not an issue, but rather the overall size of the databases. Sage itself does not have an issue with this but some servers and networks may not be able to handle the load and this can affect database load time when logging into the program.

  • We do have the zip file backups.

    Yes, it was a size thing, I believe, that was responsible for the slowness, particularly of getting started each day. I think they rather like the speedier responsiveness. Is it a big issue to create a 3rd instance and restore the zip files there?

  • You can certainly do that if you have reason to believe restoring them to the existing 2nd instance will cause an issue with that instance.