Can I run an amortization schedule for a piece of numbered equipment in sage 100 contractor?

I am looking for one report that will show me the life of a loan in Sage.

I ran 8-1-3-31, and it gives me what went to principal each month and a balance.  Then I ran a 8-1-2-56 for my equip finance cost code and got a total of what went toward interest on the loan.  When I add the 2 numbers together for each month, they equal the monthly payment, which makes sense.  But, I want to see everything in one report, from beginning balance, all principal and interest payments broken out, to ending balance. Is there anything built into Sage that will give me a report showing the life of the loan? 

I am wondering what other users use to get this info. This is a basic loan amortization, where all the information is in sage. So there has to be a way to extract it without pulling into excel and combining 2 separate reports.