Non Job Receivable / Vendor Receivable


I am new to this forum. I was not able to find any recent discussions or threads to help me answer my question, but hopefully someone here can help me out.... (this is in Sage 100 Contractor)

1. I have not found a way to create a receivable that is not tied to a job. If anyone has some info for this, please let me know.

2. The issue I am having has to do with refunds from a vendor. Since I have been using Sage (March 2021) here is what I have done.

Example - vendor shorts us a widget; We buy the widget and charge it to the job cost code 000. I create a memo receivable and tie it to that cost code so they offset and use very detailed notes. I print that receivable invoice and my project manager uses Bluebeam to edit the "billed" to information to change it from the project owner/client to the sub-contractor. Pros - it shows in the receivable reports; Cons - it appears as a receivable from the wrong person 

I was able to find an article from 9 years ago that discusses processing a vendor refund. In short, you create a negative payable invoice to that vendor and use the cost code you want reduced. You then create a positive amount payable invoice for that same amount and post it to a "clearing account". You then pay both of these invoices with a dummy/manual check which ends up being a $0 amount (invoices will then show as paid). Then whenever you receive the check from the vendor, you post it against the clearing account. The problem with this is 1. there is no way to actually print an invoice to send to the vendor that shows the correct info, 2. it seems like a long work around that can cause other issues, 3. It still does not actually create a receivable (simply just creates a debit entry in a clearing account).

I feel like there has to be a way to create an invoice that is not tied to a job, and also a way to handle these vendor receivables.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Out software is centered around jobs, so no there is not a way to book an AR invoice that is not tied to a job.

    That being said, your info is a bit confusing.  When the vendor shorts you a widget, you short pay their invoice for the correct amount.  End of story.  If you didn't catch it until later, then enter a credit against the job and the vendor and take that credit on the next check.

    No entries or fake checks to clearing account.  If you enter a credit on a vendor that has no other activity, and later they send you a refund check, that is when you enter a new positive invoice against the vendor but you book it to the checking account (not job expense) so that the entry acts like a deposit.  Then set the two invoices to pay, and book them using the new "manual check" option in 4-3-2

  • When you short pay the invoice, how do you clear the remaining balance to remove it from AP?

  • If you haven't paid it yet, then just adjust the invoice.  Or create the credit now, and pay it on the same check.  This will identify it as a deduction or backcharge

  • Okay. That all makes sense to me. But I guess at the end of the day, you cannot create a receivable for non job related items. And also, if you pay a vendor and then agree the vendor needs to return some of the funds, there is no way to actually create an invoice to send to them from Within sage. It must be done in PDF etc outside of sage ?

    I appreciate your feedback. It all make sense. I guess im trying to determine a method for keeping track of when a vendor owes us a check. It seems to happen a lot where after their work is done, we might agree that due to an issue they owe us a small amount of money back. I would like to be able to keep track of that to know if we haven’t gotten the check. 

  • Use the vendor credit invoice. Enter it and print it. You can customize the form it prints on.  And if it was for a job then credit job costs.