Sage100 Contractor 2019 - Posting Deposits not utilizing 3 - 3 - 1


We have Sage 100 Contractor 2019 and we currently post deposits on work orders through the work order screen when our work orders are not complete (1-Open - Posted).  I am not sure why no one else is having problems posting single only deposits on work orders still in 7 Status (Work Order).  How can you reflect the date of the deposit on the Work Order screen when you attempt to create a deposit on the work order screen you have to fill in the asterisk items which is schedule date etc and those do not apply to the deposit, it is already on the work order.  This question is very hard to explain because I think there is a better way to handle these deposits no one here knows.  I hope Sage tech support sees this and attempts to assist and contact me

We also can't run a report on work orders in status 7 and select a date range.

There are more questions/issues we have but this would be a start.