Calculated Field for custom report form in 6-6-1 (POs) for POs issued through 11-2 (Work Orders)

I am trying to write a calculated field expression that will pull in a Service Work Orders (11-2) location number and name, as well as the location address when there is a document# in the PO Document# field. If there is no Document# in the PO Document# field, I want to pull in the Construction Job Name and address. I ALMOST have this formula working, but I'm missing an important piece! The below formula pulls in all of the information I need EXCEPT the service Location NAME. I can't figure out how to create the correct inner join for this formula to get to the client location name. 

"actrec.recnum "-" actrec.jobnme|IF(pchord.docsrc > 1)THEN([SELECT srvinv.locnum "-" |srvinv.addrs1|srvinv.ctynme"," srvinv.state_ srvinv.zipcde FROM srvinv WHERE srvinv.ordnum = {pchord.docnum}])ELSE(actrec.addrs1|actrec.ctynme"," actrec.state_ actrec.zipcde)" 

An example of this above formula on an existing PO issued on a service work order is below. Notice, the location NAME is missing. The name is the location should be Lake Plaza Pet Training.

14 - Serv Job 2021(S)
1 -
6393 Lake Plaza Ave
Houston, TX 77022

The other question I have is, the Location field in 11-2 Work Orders shows it's a number field for the location, however it DISPLAYS the location number AND name. If I could figure out how it's mapped to display that information, I could likely grab the totality of the info from the location cell to pull into my form. Right?