achieving databases

We create a copy of the current year database every year so we're able to have access to GL information older than two years, if needed.  I would like to archieve some of the old databases so the system will run faster.  Has anyone had any experience with this and can point in the direction of how to do this?

  • Knowledgebase article Solution ID: 22484 has info and links to help you, as well as the year-end procedure guide.  Moving the data from current to history reduces the size of the current data file and so reports relying on the current data will process faster.  Some of the application also have tools to move history transactions to an archived history transaction file which will speed up reports relying on history data. 

    We make a copy of the current year's database every year and store it as a separate company folder.  Only that separate company folder relies on the data that is stored there.  The live / active data folder does not look to those copies.  I'm not sure I completely understand what you're trying to do so I thought I might explain this.