Job Cost Report

Hi,  I would like to run a report that shows job cost detail but for certain cost codes only.  When I put in each cost code in under conditions (first one being 'and' and the rest being 'or') any of the 'or' cost codes repeat the invoices, I get a duplicate of every invoice.  Any ideas?

  • Hi - we're building software that integrates with Sage and makes building interactive dashboards as easy as typing a Google search. For instance, you (and your internal audience for the reports) can type queries like "job costs by cost code for cost codes 1, 2, and 3" and get an interactive chart in milliseconds that you can filter, drill-down into, and refresh by typing new queries.

    If this interests you, reach out! [email protected] Thanks!

  • You can do that with the job cost journals already 6-1-2- various, so you should not need a special report or parameter.  Just use the "in list" option to pick your cost codes.  And if its something you do a lot, then save that as your printing default.