Posting Mechanic Labor to Equipment Expense in the GL

Mechanic Labor Posting problem. Sometimes our mechanic doesn’t list on his timecard, what equipment he worked on during the week. The payroll department will use our Equipment Repair cost code when entering his time, but if an equipment number isn’t entered in the timecard also (creating an equipment costs record), the labor costs get posted to Overhead instead of Equipment Labor. We use 1 as a dummy equipment number for other things in our system and I guess 1 could be used when entering unknown equipment repair time also, but I was wondering if there was another way to make sure the mechanics time is posting to Equipment Labor instead of Overhead. I tried changing the Mechanic- *Other Wages in 5-3-3 Employee Positions window to the Shop Labor account, but received a message: “Invalid Account: Other Wage account must be in either overhead or administration expense range.”

  • Hi Lynn,

    In order to post to an account in the Equipment/Shop expense range, there needs to be a piece of equipment referenced. It will use the account you have specified for Equipment/Shop Wages for the employee's Position in 5-3-3 Employee Positions.

    Thank you,

    Greig Hollister