Progress Bills with Vendor Names

I sent the following email to a custom Sage report writer:

Our Progress Bill is currently set to add all costs for a given Cost Code to the same line item. This happens even when multiple vendors have costs included in that one Cost Code. The title company needs to see a breakdown for each vendor within each cost code. (The title company has an end goal of being able to match up the lien waivers we submit to the individual line items on the Progress Bill.)

Our current Progress Bill format also has a Column for the Vendor name, but it does not auto-populate or seem to pull info from Change Orders or Job Costs. I have to manually input these names and do not want to do so any more.

If there is enough room on the form I would like for the Description for each charge to populate in its’ own column as well. A number of the preset formats for this report have that column available, but nothing populates in it. The title company is fine as long as the Cost Code Number and Name print, but our clients like to see the Description for what each charge actually was. (This part of the request is not mandatory, but something that may wanted depending on how things work out with the report creation. i.e. How would your pricing work if we order 2 different versions of the same report…one with a description and all other changes and one without description with all other changes? Would we be paying for two completely separate reports or would there be a different pricing structure for them being variations of the same report?) (we opted to not add description lines after you clarified for me the issues of this after multiple costs from the same vendor were combined.)

I was previously submitting the Progress Bill AND a Time & Material Invoice for their waiver review purposes. The Progress Bill always had each Cost Code in lump sums, but the T&M showed the break down.

I have recently worked with Sage Support and they have shown me how I can manually add lines for each billing, and adjust the cost columns to show each vendor separately.  I am hoping we can get an automated report that does all of that itself so I don’t have to mess around with the numbers that the system pulls and inserts itself.

In the attached Sworn Stmt Formatting Review Email you can see two examples of the above discussion:

  • Look at Cost Code 3000.000 Concrete Labor on pages 1 and 2. On the Progress Bill on page 1 you can see that the Current Comp column shows a lump sum of $1735.81. On the T&M on page 2 you can that there were actually two vendors that are included in that Cost Code. (THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO ELIMINATE.)
  • Look at Cost Code 2902.000 Hardscape & Reta on pages 1 and 2. On the Progress Bill on page 1 I manually broke down the bill to show the individual vendors. I manually added the vendor names. I manually reduced/adjusted the Scheduled and Contract column amounts and recalculated the bill so it would show the breakdowns. You can see on the T&M page 2 that both bills now have the same vendor breakdown. (THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HOPING THE CUSTOMIZED REPORT CAN DO FOR US AUTOMATICALLY.)
  • The description column on the T&M is the part I am unsure about including. I want it there, but I predict some issues. In the example of Cost Code 6101.000 RC Materials….you can see how many line items there are for Von Tobels. I prefer our new report to subtotal each vendor within each Cost Code. I do not prefer for an individual line to be added for each individual Cost. Your input on this topic would be appreciated. (this yellow was actually highlighted in the original email.)

The attached New Buffalo Savings Bank Sworn Stmt is the form they prefer us to use. I do not want to manually enter into their form and I do not want to export to excel, reformat and then copy and paste. I want Sage to generate a form that has all of their requirements met without the manual entries.

  • Is it possible to create the report on our form, with our name and “letterhead” and also include their legal clauses, etc?
  • Will the customized report(s) that we get from you pull in PDF, Work or Excel the same way the other pre-programmed reports do?
  • If the report will come in all 3 version options, can we set the excel version to pull in the same formatting as the New Buffalo Savings Bank format so I could easily copy and paste without formatting?

In the attached TGC Progress Bill Format please note the following:

  • I have to manually enter new lines to state current client deposit held, deposit credits to be given, change order amounts due direct from client and a breakdown of title amounts due vs client amounts due. I would like for there to be fields in place for these entries, rather than try to force them in myself. They don’t necessarily have to auto-populate…just have entry fields put in place.
  • I would like some kind of border options or gridlines to show in the body of the report. The data is too hard to read without them.

In the attached Standard Progress Bill Format you can see how the cover page pulls before my manual adjustments.

I can't add the attachments here that I referred to, but the content states my need. The report writer said he could do this and then totally failed to do so. How do other companies handle this? Do you all manually input the vendor names on your Progress Bills? Then do you manually adjust the various amounts in the financial columns? I can't believe in 2018 this is still required! I have been an accountant for 25 years, but newer to construction industry. I have used Sage and MAS products since the 90's and this has totally stumped me. 

Any feedback I could get would be appreciated.