Vehicles in Equipment Module

Setting up new company and in the process of uploading company vehicles and equipment. The company has numerous pieces of construction equipment as well as multiple vehicles. Within the "Equipment Module" is there a method for specifying whether the item is equipment or vehicle? The default setup appears to lump every item in the "Equipment Module" into the Equipment account and create a subaccount for that entry. 

I am seeking to utilize this information in the 1-3 Journal Transaction to match the loan to the vehicle subaccount or the equipment subaccount as necessary to give an accurate portrayal of payment information.


  • If you are accounting for the cost (and accumulated depreciation) of Heavy Equipment and Vehicles in Sage 100 Contractor's Equipment Management system, you must post all of the cost and accum depr  to the designated control account.  You probably should stop worrying about putting Equipment and Vehicles in separate GL accounts.  Instead, use the Type field in 8-3 to differentiate between equipment and vehicles and create a custom query or report to report out the values by Type.