• Moving From Sage 50 to Sage 100 Contractor


    We are planning to move from Sage 50 to Sage 100 Contractors Module / Edition.

    Can Sage 100 provide us with Project-based analytical reports?

    Can I get support from this community for Sage 100?

    Please advise

  • Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 Contractor

    Does Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 Contractor?  More specifically, does Sage provide an integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100 Contractor.  If so, can someone point me to the appropriate documentation?  I cannot find a download for Sage CRM with…

  • Report Design: Report detail area (gray box) ghosting (duplicating itself) in report

    What caused, or how can I prevent, the gray box (report detail area) in the report form from duplicating itself (ghosting), usually in the bottom right side of the report when the report is run. First thought is there is another gray box, even just a…

  • Calculated Field for custom report form in 6-6-1 (POs) for POs issued through 11-2 (Work Orders)

    I am trying to write a calculated field expression that will pull in a Service Work Orders (11-2) location number and name, as well as the location address when there is a document# in the PO Document# field. If there is no Document# in the PO Document#…

  • Why does the sales tax percent only show on the first change order but not the additional change orders run at the same time?

    When running all the change orders for a job, the first one shows the 8.25% rate but the second, third, etc., show 0%. If the change orders are run individually, the rate shows correctly on each one.

  • Sage 100 Notes Very Slow

    Using version For some reason it takes anywhere from half a minute to a full minute for any notes section to show the pop-up screen. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a solution to make it faster?

  • Sage 100 Con. Object Reference Guide - AddNext?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of creating an application that interfaces with the "Client" table in Sage 100 Contractor, and as I was reading the API Documentation I saw that there was an XML Request mentioned for "AddNext"? This function…

  • Unable to update license server

    I am new to Sage.  We are trying to move Sage 100 Contractor to a new server.  We have Deauthorized the old license server.  When trying to update new license server, we continue to get error "Unable to update License information: failed to contact Sage…

  • where to get IP address or sage license server #

    I am unable to open sage on my desktop  because I am getting a popup asking for an IP Address or sage license server #. where can I find this? Any help please.

  • Job Status

    We're looking for a way to indicate the status of a project, but the default options (which appear to be uneditable) don't sufficiently address our company's needs. Is there any way to edit/add job status options?

  • Invoicing

    We are in environmental contractor, and need to create a way to enter information from a waste manifest (manifest number, brief waste description, volume, unit cost, extended cost) on our invoices. Most clients are requesting that line items are identified…

  • Seeking Sage Experience for Building company

    Our company is looking to find job seekers that have relevant Sage 100 experience - ideally in the builder/construction world in the Chicago area. Does anyone have helpful resources/experience with proactively finding candidates with this experience? 

  • Copy Record, Paste Record, and Load Template not working in V22.1 Sage 100 Contractor

    6-11-8, the copy record, paste record doesn't work correctly, reported to support, but until it is fixed, we are grounded, and not able to function.

    the message field doesn't copy, this is a major problem for us, Any one else having issues with this…

  • Hiring Bookeeper/Office Manager for Construction Company in Jupiter FLordia

    Please reach out to me if interested or have a referral

  • Updates to server/workstation

    Looking to update after closing year - is there a sequence to get up to date, or can I apply the latest version?  Thanks.

  • In 3.9 Unitary Billing, how do I correct the Unitary Price after an initial save?

    I realized subsequent to manually entering the line items that I could have imported the information over. I caught my error prior to saving but saved the information thinking I could go back and update as needed which I now realize is wrong. How do I…

  • How to track shop labor?


    I am trying to find the best way to track shop labor. Its very difficult to get a straight answer. 

    Here is the scenario:

    We have Sage 100 contractor

    We have Sage SSO

    We have an in-house shop and 2 mechanics and 100 pieces of equipment.


  • estimating modules for Sage 100

    In addition to the standard estimating module in Sage 100, it appears there are other estimating solutions that can bolt onto some Sage products. For example, eTakeoff works with some versions of Sage but not others. Is there a list anywhere of what estimating…

  • Setting up quarterly/monthly service contracts in Sage 100 Contractor

    We're just learning the program (very basic grasp at this point) but can't seem to figure out how a monthly/quarterly regular service contract might get set up.  We've been told that each contract would need to be set up as a job/project?  Is…

  • Is there any way to set a default expense (purchase) or default income (sales) ledger account for an individual cost code?

    Is there any way to set a default expense (purchase) or default income (sales) ledger account for an individual cost code.  I would like it so that when I select a cost code on a line within a PO,CO, AR invoice, etc. the account is auto populated with…

  • Problem with Update 19.8 and Custom Reports?

    My client has used a custom report for all of 2016, then after updating to v19.8 the report is a mess. Some columns missing. Some Totals are weird.

    Anyone had this happen yet?

  • an error message when trying to create an employee record in Sage 100 Contractor using the SDK.

    <api:MBXML xmlns:api="sage100contractor.com/api">
    <Company>Sample Company</Company>
    <MBXMLMsgsRq messageSetID="1" onError="continueOnError">…

  • Sage 100 Estimating for Earthwork Contractors

    I apologize in advance if I am posting this in the wrong location.  I could not find anywhere to post a question within the Sage 100 support section.

    I have been watching a few of the videos that are offered in the support section, and we also purchased…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Report writer - convert text to numeric?

    I am using Sage 100 Contractor

    I need to convert a type string to numeric in Report Writer.  Does anyone know the syntax to do this? 

    We are entering numbers in jobcst.ntetxt and I'd like to turn those into numbers that I can use in a formula…


    First of all, I don't know where to start. I am having sooo much difficulty with this software program and I am usually VERY  tech savvy. There are sooo many questions that I have about Sage 100 Contractor, but I will just start with this. 

    Let me start…