• How can I fix the comp code calculations? This is a Bug as far as I can tell

    The issue is that when I put in sick or holiday pay, it will be calculated as whatever that employee's default comp code is. Below, you can see an employee record with the default comp code and the UNselected "Always use employee comp code" option.…

  • Payroll Setup Sage 100 Contractors


    Need help in setting up vacation payable in Payroll calculations in Sage 100 Contractors.

    We pay 4% vacation to all field employees with a weekly pay cheque and accrue vacation for our senior management.

    How can we setup this

    Kind Regards

  • Fastest way to update Paygroup Benefits?

    When updating a rate in 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations, the edits are not reflected in the Benefits screen of 5-3-4 Paygroups. Is there a way to update the 5-3-4 Paygroup Benefits without having to manually enter the same change in the 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations…


    We have implemented the new Sage Simple Time app. 

    In the app, to select the job and select the cost code for your time entry it is a scroll function. The scroll method that employees have to spin through a loooooong list looking for what they want, and…

  • Paying out Vacation Pay not Accruing

    Hi, wondering if there is a way to set up employees so that they are paid out vacation pay on every cheque rather than accruing it?? This would be in Sage 100 Contractor.

  • I can't print a payroll advance in i tried the new solution id: 115697 and it still won't print. Same error "no matching records found"

    I tried the new solution id: 115697 and it still won't print. Same error "no matching records found" help please!

  • Payroll 2022 Archive Error

    I'm getting the error that is attached when I run the Sage Payroll Archive for 2022.  It seems there's a file already there, however when I checked I don't see it.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

  • Closed payroll record from prior year and job costing update

    If I have to void and recreate a payroll record from a prior year that is closed, the Sage software states that it updates all the payroll numbers for the closed year.  It doesn't state thought that the updated job costing gets pushed out as well and job…

  • Sage 24.3 update question


    Mistakenly updated Sage 100 Contractor to the wrong update version without the payroll year closed. I rolled back the program on the computers which is fine. It now states the tax table for this year.

    Do I need to roll back on the server end?

  • Possible to correct multiple sick / PTO records at once?

    We have at least a couple hundred payroll records where PTO (sick time) was used while we were running the broken version 24.2.103 of Sage. The process for fixing these, listed as the resolution to defect # 39917 is a manual process for each individual…

  • Payroll add-on for tablets

    I have a client who wants a good payroll add-on system (to Sage 100 Contractor) that uses tablet in the field. Anyone got some thoughts?

  • Adding the "Reprint Check Stub" Checkbox to Custom Payroll Stub

    I have created a custom paycheck stub and everything works great except I can't find the reprint check stub checkbox to add the to the report.  I started with a copy of the system report and modified it, but this option seems to have disappeared and…

  • Payroll Sage 100 Contractor

    In need of a better system to do our payroll. We are currently using About Time AKA WorkMax. They are SLOW and mess up all the time. My filed guys hate this system and complain every day. There is an issue every week. Most of the time it kicks them out…

  • LLC Owner Salary through payroll

    I work for an LLC. where the owner takes a "salary". This payment as of now is just printed as a check on the fly using an admin salary expense account.

    I would like to run the owners time through the payroll module so I can track the cost of…

  • Workers Comp Wages

    In 5-1-5-21 Worker's Comp Report, the Workers Comp Wages column is deducting the employee paid health insurance and 401K amounts. I'm sure its due to how those two payroll calculations are set up. I need to change something in the calculations, but, I…

  • Fringe benefits and before tax IRA

    I have a payroll question related to fringes and employee IRA contributions.  This is a simple IRA and is taken before taxes.   I have the fringes set up as a benefit on the appropriate paygroups with an offset for each employee based on the benefits we…

  • Union Paygroup Report

    Hello All,

    We use the Union Paygroup Report (5-1-7-31) in Sage 100 Contractor to pull information for our monthly union remittance. This report can only be run by period end or check date. I'm looking for a way to run it for the entire month (i.e. 1st…

  • where is the guidance on adding ERC to the 4th quarter 941 for 2020?

    new guidance from the IRS allows ERC for 2020 for businesses that had a PPP Loan in 2020, to the extent they paid wages that were not used to support the PPP Loan forgiveness.

    either when originally filing 4th qtr 941 or on an amended 941 form (941x)…

  • where is the Required Notice for Sick Pay that must accompany the W-2 for 2020?

    IRS issued a notice, # N-20-54 that includes on page 9 the suggested language that must accompany the W-2 for sick pay reported in Box 14. How do I know that these notices will be included with the W-2, as the IRS notice says is required?

  • Automate Payroll in Sage 100 Contractor

    Our construction company runs payroll out of Sage 100 and it is a very manual process (compared to using ADP).  I am looking for a payroll system that can integrate job cost and labor into Sage with very minimal entry (if any at all).  My goal is to have…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Emergency Sick Pay

    What is the best way to track the Emergency sick leave (FFCRA)that goes into effect today?  Can we set up a new payclass or create a dummy job??

  • state PR tax filing isn't working for ILLINOIS, any plans to correct it soon?

    I tries to use the state payroll tax form using Aatrix today for Illinois withholding.

    they have now added 2 pages for the IL941 but pages 3 and 4 are not working correctly. data is not being populated correctly or at all by Aaitrix. who is this going…

  • Redundancy Costs

    Does anyone know if there is a report in sage payroll which will calculate redundancy costs for each employee?


  • Payroll Reports

    Is there a report that will separate wages by state? We have multiple states every week and it is not proving a simple task.

  • Help! I cannot enter federal allowances for new employees or change allowances for existing employees.

    I'm running Sage 100 Contractor 2019 with the latest upgrades for 2020.

    So, I go to "5 - Payroll" then "2 - Payroll Processing" then "1 - Employees." After selecting an employee record I go to the calculations tab and I can enter info for the state…