• Drop Down not showing up in 1-7

    When I select 1-7 and try to see the drop down for accounts, it opens a blank screen in the background, but doesn't display a list. I have had the same thing happen in other parts of the program; however, today those are working (for instance, 5-3-1)…

  • Attaching documents to vendors

    when you attach a document to the vendor list are you able to save it in a different folder on the network

  • We will be changing the network IPs for one of our customers sites where their Sage 100 Contractor server is. Are there any concerns with doing this as far as client connections?

    The SAGE Contractor 100 server will need to have it's IP address changed as part of this change.

    Will we need to reinstall the Sage Contractor 100 client and change the license server IP if the license server is on the SAGE 100 Contractor server,…

  • next check number message

    Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the message "the starting check number is default for the account"? 

  • Assigning GL accounts to Payroll Pay Types

    I cannot figure out where to edit the GL accounts that are assigned to certain pay types. I have searched up and down and through several forums and am so lost on what to do. For example, currently our pay type 9-Misc hits whatever GL account the employee…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Setup


    Is there any training provided/offered by Sage on setting up Sage 100 Contractors?

    Kind Regards

  • How do you set the default work order priority?

    Currently ours is set to 3 and we want it to be 4.

  • Archives

    My archive companies are not showing up in my list?

    How do I get them back?

  • How to make a new bank account the Default account?

    My company switched bank accounts, how can I make our new account the default? The default now is our old account. 

  • Setting up Auto-Fill for Inventory Items

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to have certain inventory account numbers auto-fill. For example, I have a subaccount cell for commercial or residential jobs on screen 12-2 (Inventory Allocation). The jobs are marked commercial or residential…

  • Workorder Default Job

    How do I change the default job in my work orders?

  • Payroll Archive is saying I am not a Company Administrator, but I am. What can I do to fix this?

    Trying to do the 2022 payroll archive and when I select the company, and the name of the archive file it tells me that I am not a company admin. I have double checked everything that I know to check and it shows I am an Administrator. Has anyone else…

  • AR Invoice stop discount date from changing

    Is there any way to stop the discount date on an AR Invoice (3-2) from changing when retention is released?  Both the due date & the discount date are changing.  The due date is OK, but we don't want the discount date to change.

  • Can Paystubs be verified?

    Can Paystubs be verified?

  • is Payroll in 5-2-2 no longer automatically changing Pay Type to Overtime if hours on the same day is entered on another line and that day is over 8 hours?

    Sage 100Con used to automatically change the Pay Type to Overtime if I entered hours over 8 hours for the same day on a different line in 5-2-2 Payroll Records. I know there was an updated to automatically calculate as OT over 40 hours.

    Is the daily OT…

  • How to turn off "Consolidated" lines when posting from 4-2 (Payable Invoice) to 1-3(Journal Transaction) ?

    While trying to prepare for budget, I'm pulling the transactions per GL Account and classifying them.   However when I do this, it's pulling the details from the 1-3 (Journal Transactions) so half of my detail just shows "consolidated" for description…

  • Excel icon disappears next day

    Shortcuts to Excel workbooks that are put on the dashboard - the Excel icon is there initially but disappears the next day.  Anyone know how to fix that?

  • Tracking sales tax paid for tax exempt jobs

    We were working with our consultant this morning and stumbled upon an issue about how to track sales tax paid on material for jobs that are tax exempt. 

    I was told this isn't usual and therefore isn't easy in Sage. I find it hard to believe that every…

  • Change Order Tracking

    When we self preform change order work on a project, is there a way to tract those labor and material costs separately without having to create a phase or use a new cost code? I've tried both of those methods and I'm just not loving either way.…

  • Work Order Default Job

    How do I set the job that defaults when a new work order is started?  Thank you for your help.

  • Labor Subcontractor Labor Hours

    We use a lot of labor subcontractors.  Has anyone found a way to get labor hours in the system so that you can pull reports and get a total hours for those costs?

  • Recurring - setup error: Is there a way to correct the Amortization page without staring over?

    I put payment number in and should have left it blank.  Can I change the payment number at the top of the Amortization page?

  • General Ledger

    In December of 2020 two long term liability accounts were added however the store debit activity was not selected in set up. These two accounts are not being included in the balance sheet statement. Is there a way to manually put in the initial debit…

  • Tracking Resources - Equipment in Sage for Direct Costing to Jobs

    Does anyone have a set up in Sage for tracking resources (equipment) costs to jobs from within Sage or an alternate source used for tracking this information?

  • Help finding Sage 100 developers

    My company uses Sage 100 and we work through PDI for software help, and they are not very helpful.  Are there companeis that we can hire to do the developments that we need?