• Setting up Auto-Fill for Inventory Items

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to have certain inventory account numbers auto-fill. For example, I have a subaccount cell for commercial or residential jobs on screen 12-2 (Inventory Allocation). The jobs are marked commercial or residential…

  • Sage 100 Contractor - Set up issues - unable to add or access company

    I'm trying to set up Sage 100 contractor on my local device. I set up the license and the database administrator. I've deployed a sample company too. But when I'm trying to access sample company through the Sage 100 Contractor Client - it says "I am not…

  • Azure hosting Sage 100 Contractor

    We are planning on moving Sage 100 Contractor from local server to Azure and wanted to know if anyone is currently doing this or have some insight.

    My basic concerns are:

    1) Will access be limited to going through remote desktop or will we be able to…

  • Quarter Four Earnings report

    I closed the 2022 payroll and now I can't run a Quarter Four Earnings Report?  Can someone help me run the report?

  • Is a Windows Server in place upgrade supported? Windows Server 2012R2 Standard to Windows Server 2019 Standard

    Hello we are wanting to get one of our customers on a newer Windows Server platform.

    They are currently running SAGE 100 Contractor on a Windows Server 2012R2 server.

    We would like to get them running on Windows Server 2019 Standard if not Windows Server…

  • Fatal Error


    I have recently started receiving this error:

    Unable to cast object of type

    ’System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTextBoxCell’ to type


    I have tried to find some…

  • payroll general ledger report

    how can i print payroll general ledger after posting payroll to general ledger?

  • I can't print a payroll advance in i tried the new solution id: 115697 and it still won't print. Same error "no matching records found"

    I tried the new solution id: 115697 and it still won't print. Same error "no matching records found" help please!

  • Payroll Check Stub Error - YTD Gross Wages for 2023 includes 2022 wages

    Updated software to version 24.3.  Closed 2022 Payroll Year.  Did not archive 2022 payroll records.  Printed first checks for 2023 and the YTD Gross Wages on check stub includes wages from 2022.  YTD Amounts for Taxes are correct for 2023.  Using the standard…

  • Payroll 2022 Archive Error

    I'm getting the error that is attached when I run the Sage Payroll Archive for 2022.  It seems there's a file already there, however when I checked I don't see it.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

  • Working in test company affected my real company

    Good morning,

    I was working in my test company trying to add our new company logo to my progress billing and somehow it affected my real company and everyone's reports had the new logo and made them all look different.

    Has anyone ever encountered…

  • Test Company Progress Billing

    I am working in Sage 100 Contractor - In my test company trying to learn progress billing.  I created, saved, submitted and posted an invoice but when I go in to create the next months bill the application number does not advance.

  • Bank Feed won't open window to connect to bank account

    Hi, we are having this issue with S100 contractor verison 23.3.34 where it is impossible to connect our bank account to the Bank Feed functionality in 1-5. This is happening across all machines, regardless of version/state of Windows. We go to Connect…

  • Using SQL queries in a calculated field (report writer)

    Hello - I am struggling with the report writer and need some clarification (a long shot, since there is almost 0 documentation on the subject). I am proficient in T-SQL, so am confident in my ability to write queries, but can't get something very simple…

  • Progress Billing-Line Item Description is too short

    I am in menu 3-7, and am unable to see the complete description of the Line item when the continuation sheet is printed.  We have a very particular client that needs everything spelled out and nothing abbreviated and therefore need the entire description…

  • is Payroll in 5-2-2 no longer automatically changing Pay Type to Overtime if hours on the same day is entered on another line and that day is over 8 hours?

    Sage 100Con used to automatically change the Pay Type to Overtime if I entered hours over 8 hours for the same day on a different line in 5-2-2 Payroll Records. I know there was an updated to automatically calculate as OT over 40 hours.

    Is the daily OT…

  • When I select federal form 5-4-1 I get a fatal Error message of- Could not load registration dII, then I get kicked out of Sage. How can I get the 941 tax form for Quater payroll taxes?

    When I select any options from Federal and State filling taxes, I get an fatal error message and I get kicked out of Sage. I am trying to get the tax forms 941 for quarter payroll taxes. 

  • How to turn off "Consolidated" lines when posting from 4-2 (Payable Invoice) to 1-3(Journal Transaction) ?

    While trying to prepare for budget, I'm pulling the transactions per GL Account and classifying them.   However when I do this, it's pulling the details from the 1-3 (Journal Transactions) so half of my detail just shows "consolidated" for description…

  • Reminder: This job has a completed status

    Since updating to version 24, we are now receiving a message "Reminder: This job has a completed status? Do you want to save anyway?". A similar message would appear if a job had a "Closed" status. The message for "Closed" status jobs was understandable…

  • AP subcontract billing over the commitment amount


    Recently I was entering a payable invoice (pay app) subcontractor that was tied to a commitment in Sage 100 Contractor. The pay app included a change order that we had not yet processed in Sage on our end. When entering this, it allowed me to enter…

  • I entered a check deposit under Deposits/Interest. However, when I go to Bank Reconciliation the check deposits comes out to zero. When I go the GL the deposit appears twice and cancels the amount out to zero.

    We recieved a refund check from the state in the amount of 1,977.25 and I need to record the check that has already been deposited into our cash account for bank reconciliation. I entered the deposit under Deposits/Interest and only entered the amount…

  • Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 Contractor

    Does Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 Contractor?  More specifically, does Sage provide an integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100 Contractor.  If so, can someone point me to the appropriate documentation?  I cannot find a download for Sage CRM with…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Modify Report - Define Selection Criteria - Enable 'Or' logic

    When modifying a report, there is an option to enable 'or' logic in the selection criteria.  I'm having a hard time setting this up and wanted to see if anyone has had success with this.

  • Why do the periods in the top right and bottom center not match on a payroll record in the general ledger?

    Why do the periods in the top right and bottom center not match on a payroll record in the general ledger?

  • How do I change the posting period to a journal transaction?

    I entered a journal transaction and accidentally saved it under the wrong month and year. How do I change the one journal transaction?