• Possible to Have Non-Taxable Items on POs?

    Is it possible to have a non-taxable part/item in a Sage PO? Frequently, freight is not taxable so we're having to manually adjust the tax amount when paying invoices from POs in 4-2. Thank you!
  • Lowes Credit Card Bank Feed

    Hey all, Has anyone had luck adding a Lowes Credit Card (through Synchrony Bank) as a bank feed? I tried the login credentials through both Synchrony options in the Plaid interface and neither worked. I'd like to automate as much as possible, though…
  • 2-6-0-21 Check Register Report

    Can anyone advise on what the "*" means next to the date on the Check Register Report 2-6-0-21 ? Thanks for your help in advance!
  • Step by Step for Direct Deposit

    Is anyone doing direct deposit successfully? I have followed these directions and I still can't get it to work. I have paid other Sage consultants but most do not know how to do it. I checked on the Sage 100c videos and there is nothing on it. It…
  • reports affected by rptclc^clc in report forms and custom reports

    Custom reports and report forms in Sage 100 Contractor have been "infected" with this "field" rptclc^clc001, 002, etc. I have seen this before but not to this extent. It is massive. Has anyone else seen this before? Or know what causes this…
  • 11-2 Work Orders Posting - automatic change to today for invoice date posting - wrong period

    I'm trying to close out last month's work orders. We close and post in the period per the last day of labor. ie: In work orders (11-2) I change the invoice date on the billing tab to the LDOL (ex. 06/12/23) -->> I then change the posting period to 6…
  • Payroll Calculation - Non cash taxable compensation.

    How would I set up a payroll calculation to assign compensation without hitting net pay, such as the personal use of a corporate vehicle?
  • Payroll Check void

    I entered a salary employees payroll check and subsequently he turned in time to bill clients. I voided the first check and entered the time and posted to same check number. Now it appears that the bank balance is off by this amount when I look at the…
  • Aatrix quarterly form 941

    Line 5D Taxable wages & tips to Additional Medicare Tax Withholding populates with a number and it should not. What would cause this ?
  • Sage Paperless (100 Contractor)

    What is the proper way to replace an existing invoice image in paperless before it is exported as well as after it is exported? I have my work-a-rounds, but I want to know the proper way the system was designed for.
  • 5-4-1 AatrixForms entry point not found

    can not get 5-4-1 to run. Aatrixforms.exe entry point not found
  • cannot import credit card transactions

    This is the second month that I am importing credit card transactions using the new bank feed option. Last month worked fine. This month, after disconnecting and reconnecting the bank feed several times, it appears as though it is connecting, but a pop…
  • Create an Indirect Cost to Budget Variance Report

    Hello! I'm new to Sage City. I am very happy to have joined and I look forward to learning how to get the most out of the Sage 100 Contractor. I am trying to create a report based on 2-3-33, where it allows me to choose the accounts, and shows the…
  • Employee Reimbursement in Paycheck

    We use Sage 100 Contractor 2022. Is there a way to process employee reimbursement in their paychecks? There are a few employees who receive a monthly stipend for their cell phone. We currently cut paper checks. I'd like to add this to their weekly paychecks…
  • Error message when trying to run a New Hire Report

    I receive the error message below when I am trying to run a New Hire report for Michigan. Prior to the most recent update, I had no problems.
  • I can print part barcodes, but how do we scan them?

    Is there a method in Sage 100 Contractor to scan a part number barcode to receive and track inventory?
  • JC Totals vs Gl Totals

    JC Summary total for the month do not equal GL totals. JC totals are higher, what is the best way to reconcile?
  • Credit invoice and aging a/r question

    I posted a bill on the 3-2 screen and then posted a credit to the same job for the same amount. Instead of washing out, the 2 bills are showing up on my 11-1-3-81 aging a/r report. How can i get this to wash and drop off? Thank you!
  • ETHOS subscription plan

    Is anyone using the ETHOS subscription Sage plan? We were contacted by ETHOS with no prior knowledge of the company. They are offering a subscription plan with Sage vs a perpetual license. Curious if anyone has switched to ETHOS - is it functioning the…
  • Sage 100 and Buildertrend

    We are a home builder using Sage 100 for our accounting. Does anyone use Buildertrend for their construction management software? If so, how do you import / export information between the two? Thank you,
  • ExakTime, Sage 100 Contractor, and equipment

    Aloha, We are landscape contractor and are looking to increase our use of Sage 100C. Part of this process is field entry for time keeping. Our payroll department likes ExakTime but I want to be very comfortable with equipment tracking for billing and…
  • We will be changing the network IPs for one of our customers sites where their Sage 100 Contractor server is. Are there any concerns with doing this as far as client connections?

    The SAGE Contractor 100 server will need to have it's IP address changed as part of this change. Will we need to reinstall the Sage Contractor 100 client and change the license server IP if the license server is on the SAGE 100 Contractor server, or…
  • Sage 100 Contractor for a rental company

    I am setting up an equipment rental company in Sage 100 Contractor and curious who else uses it for a rental company. What is the best way to track and invoice? Divisions, cost codes, etc. Thanks
  • Subcontract invoiced amount doesn't match the invoices

    My subcontract invoiced amount doesn't match the invoices recorded on that subcontract. I read solution ID# 94560 and checked for both reasons listed and neither were the case on any of the associated invoices. Is there any other possible reason they…
  • Poor Sage 100 Contractor Performance

    We are currently fighting a weird issue with a customers installation. We are running Sage 100 Contractor and when users use the print preview function when generating reports Sage will hang for a good 1-5 minutes depending on the report. After the preview…