• JC Totals vs Gl Totals

    JC Summary total for the month do not equal GL totals.  JC totals are higher, what is the best way to reconcile?

  • Credit invoice and aging a/r question

    I posted a bill on the 3-2 screen and then posted a credit to the same job for the same amount.  Instead of washing out, the 2 bills are showing up on my 11-1-3-81 aging a/r report.  How can i get this to wash and drop off? Thank you!

  • Direct deposit processing fees

    I have read through the help topics for payroll direct deposit and am unable to find any reference to the fees that are charged, if any, by Sage.

    Are the ACH and Direct Deposit functions included with Sage 100 Contractor and I just need to enter the banking…

  • Paying retainage for loan closing

    If we have an owner that is going through a loan closing mid-way through the job - can we just release retainage through that period and bill for it?  Then, during the next Progress Billing  - will the retainage start again?  It seems like this would be…

  • Employee Retention Credit

    Has anyone used an outside source to assist in determining eligibility and calculating this credit?  If so, who?

  • How can I fix the comp code calculations? This is a Bug as far as I can tell

    The issue is that when I put in sick or holiday pay, it will be calculated as whatever that employee's default comp code is. Below, you can see an employee record with the default comp code and the UNselected "Always use employee comp code" option.…

  • Subcontract invoiced amount doesn't match the invoices

    My subcontract invoiced amount doesn't match the invoices recorded on that subcontract. I read solution ID# 94560 and checked for both reasons listed and neither were the case on any of the associated invoices. Is there any other possible reason they…

  • Progress Billing retention calculation method

    Right now our system calculates retention only on the pre-tax amount. Is there a way to tell it to calculate retention on the entire invoice amount, including tax?

  • 401K Match - Safe Harbor

    Hello!  Does anyone have a KB article or procedure for creating a safe harbor 401K match calc in Sage 100 Contractor?  EX: 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 2%

  • Payroll Setup Sage 100 Contractors


    Need help in setting up vacation payable in Payroll calculations in Sage 100 Contractors.

    We pay 4% vacation to all field employees with a weekly pay cheque and accrue vacation for our senior management.

    How can we setup this

    Kind Regards

  • Payroll calculation method including sick and holiday pay

    We have some burdens in the Payroll Calculations and have selected the method as 4- %Reg Pay (reg hours only). In the help menu this basically says it doesn't include OT hours. But, it's including Sick, Vacation, Holiday and Misc pay in the calculation…

  • Oregon Paid Leave

    What is the best practice for entering and calculating mandatory state paid leave in a retroactive account. Long story short, because we are so small, we assumed we were exempt. Now that we know we are not, we have calculated what that leave should have…

  • Applying paid invoices to Purchase Orders

    What's the best way to apply a paid invoice to an open Purchase Order?

    • Purchase Order Created.
    • Invoice Entered; not applied to PO.
    • No notification from Sage that there are open purchase orders for that job with this vendor.
    • Invoice Paid.
    • Period closed…
  • How do I process a duplicate payment?

    How do I process a duplicate payment?

  • Credit Cards void entry

    How to void credit card receipt?

  • Fastest way to update Paygroup Benefits?

    When updating a rate in 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations, the edits are not reflected in the Benefits screen of 5-3-4 Paygroups. Is there a way to update the 5-3-4 Paygroup Benefits without having to manually enter the same change in the 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations…

  • Progress Billing

    Doing some housekeeping and trying to delete or void unneeded/obsolete entries that are either "open" status or "submitted" status in Sage.  

    We did "post" (2) different entries and then voided them but they switched back to…

  • Profit Sharing paid out monthly

    I have an hourly employee receiving weekly payroll that will also be receiving monthly profit sharing in a flat amount. What is the best way to set this up? Should I use the "bonus" category? Does it make sense to set that up as if he's a separate employee…

  • Purchasing

    Purchasing Icon dissapeared and furthermore, Why when you receipt a purchase order do you still have to import, to JC & AP for lif? Then post in each module as well? You would think in this day and age that those procedures would be automatic? This process…

  • Credit card journal entry

    Our employee bought parts with a company credit card.

    I need to add a journal entry manually for it which should be this I believe:

    Credit the Credit Card. 

    Debit the expense account.

    Where it gets tricky is that I need this tied to the invoice and PO because…

  • credit memo with negative amount- next step

    I was told to create a credit memo with negative amount for a partial vendor refund. Once my credit memo is created as an invoice, I was unsure what next step I need to take in order to apply this negative amount to the original invoice?

  • Payroll year-end checklist for Sage 100 Contractor

    Is there a Payroll year-end checklist for Sage 100 Contractor? We have had this in previous years (#85836-v1), but I cannot find the resource online. It has the task, due date, assigned to/completed by and article reference columns.

    If someone could…

  • split payroll

    We use service order #s , job and job costs.  We have an employee that has labor that goes toward a department for labor costs that also does vehicle maintenance. As it is now, all the costs are posting to the department. We'd like the vehicle labor and…

  • Accounts Payable Discounts Earned GL account

    We need to change the Discounts Earned GL account (in 1-8) to a Direct Expense GL account and Sage is only allowing an Operating Income account to be used. Is there a way to get around this? Does everyone use an Operating Income account?

  • Removing Closed Jobs


    I am wanting to know the ins and outs of removing jobs with closed status when archiving the company file.

    1. Can you remove closed jobs that still have an A/R balance?

    2. Can you remove closed jobs that still have A/P balances (retainage still needs…