• Payroll paygroup YTD wages for 2023 version

    Updated to latest version, closed, but did not archive 2022 records. Paygroups are being used. When printing the first and subsequent 2023 pay cheques using a report that includes paygroups, the YTD hours and wages for those paygroups is incorrectly…

  • how do I get a cost code breakdown of an account?

    I would like to see a report of what cost code was used in and account.  For example I have an account for supplies and we put a lot of supplies and have cost codes to distinguish what is what but the account only shows one amount and we would like to…

  • Quarter Four Earnings report

    I closed the 2022 payroll and now I can't run a Quarter Four Earnings Report?  Can someone help me run the report?

  • Report Writer: Salesperson Name in Jobs Report

    I am trying to create a report that provides a list of jobs with various information.  One of the fields I want to include in the list is the name from the "Salesperson" field.  I can pull in the employee NUMBER from that field, but can't pull…

  • payroll general ledger report

    how can i print payroll general ledger after posting payroll to general ledger?

  • I can't print a payroll advance in i tried the new solution id: 115697 and it still won't print. Same error "no matching records found"

    I tried the new solution id: 115697 and it still won't print. Same error "no matching records found" help please!

  • W2 and 1099 processing issue

    Receiving the following error message when attempting to process W2s and 1099s:  BUILDER.EXE - Entry Point Not Found    The procedure entry point /[email protected]@QBEPBDXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files(x86)Aatrix Saftware…

  • Payroll Check Stub Error - YTD Gross Wages for 2023 includes 2022 wages

    Updated software to version 24.3.  Closed 2022 Payroll Year.  Did not archive 2022 payroll records.  Printed first checks for 2023 and the YTD Gross Wages on check stub includes wages from 2022.  YTD Amounts for Taxes are correct for 2023.  Using the standard…

  • Issues with 5-1-6-31 after updating to Sage 24.2.113

    We recently updated from version 24.2.103 to version 24.2.113 and we're seeing issues with certified payroll reports not being correct.

    Does anyone know if this is a known issue?

  • Working in test company affected my real company

    Good morning,

    I was working in my test company trying to add our new company logo to my progress billing and somehow it affected my real company and everyone's reports had the new logo and made them all look different.

    Has anyone ever encountered…

  • Job cost report that allows drill down and shows budget

    Hello! I am looking for a job cost report with the ability to drill down. 6-1-2-47 does not seem to have the ability to drill down. 6-1-2-44 has the ability to drill down but does not show budget. (and budget overages) Does anyone know where I can find…

  • Using SQL queries in a calculated field (report writer)

    Hello - I am struggling with the report writer and need some clarification (a long shot, since there is almost 0 documentation on the subject). I am proficient in T-SQL, so am confident in my ability to write queries, but can't get something very simple…

  • Progress Billing-Line Item Description is too short

    I am in menu 3-7, and am unable to see the complete description of the Line item when the continuation sheet is printed.  We have a very particular client that needs everything spelled out and nothing abbreviated and therefore need the entire description…

  • Printing Time and Material Invoices once posted

    I'd like to print T&M invoices after posting them. 

    I've made T&M invoices using 3-10. Once computed I can print them using 3-10-3 to send to the customer. But once I post (3-10-4) these invoices I no longer have access to them in 3-10-3. The posted…

  • How to remove automated email reports

    Good day, I have a job cost report for several projects that was set up to auto email every week to my email. We have long since completed these jobs and moved on to new jobs. I have two questions: 

    1. How do I remove the old job automated report emails…

  • Looking for a Sage Report Number

    I had found on the internet an older Sage report Job Status Report w/Over/Under 3-1-1-1 or 3-1-1-19 and I am not able to find it in standard reports for Sage 100 we are using. Any ideas?

  • Billing Report

    Is there a billing report that can be run when I've completed billing for the month which shows the customer, the project and the amount billed for the month and the total billed to date?

  • Lien Waivers

    Issue with lien waivers not printing company name, only the formula field any suggestions. This just started after last update. Report #4-3-3-21

  • How do I generate a cost report for a work order?

    I cannot seem to find a report that will generate a cost report for work orders or service invoices.

  • When I select federal form 5-4-1 I get a fatal Error message of- Could not load registration dII, then I get kicked out of Sage. How can I get the 941 tax form for Quater payroll taxes?

    When I select any options from Federal and State filling taxes, I get an fatal error message and I get kicked out of Sage. I am trying to get the tax forms 941 for quarter payroll taxes. 

  • How do I get a Payslip/Pay Stub??

    How do I get a Payslip/Pay Stub??

  • Trial balance report with subaccounts

    Every year we go through the same problem with our accountant for year end adjusting entries. He can not see my sub accounts and just posts to the main account. He wants a trial balance with sub accounts so he can guide on where the amounts should be…

  • Report showing unpaid invoices on a certain date in the past (year end)

    Anyone know how to create a report with a list A/P on a certain date in the past? (For year end review to confirm for Balance Sheet).  Thanks in advance!!

  • Drill Down report for Change Order items added to Cost code?


    in the committed cost reports 6-1-12, I see the budget and I see the cumulative Change ORder number.  Is there a way I can drill down or get an itemized list of each change order that is hitting that cost code/budget?  Need to find out what numbers…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Modify Report - Define Selection Criteria - Enable 'Or' logic

    When modifying a report, there is an option to enable 'or' logic in the selection criteria.  I'm having a hard time setting this up and wanted to see if anyone has had success with this.