• Direct deposit processing fees

    I have read through the help topics for payroll direct deposit and am unable to find any reference to the fees that are charged, if any, by Sage.

    Are the ACH and Direct Deposit functions included with Sage 100 Contractor and I just need to enter the banking…

  • Paying retainage for loan closing

    If we have an owner that is going through a loan closing mid-way through the job - can we just release retainage through that period and bill for it?  Then, during the next Progress Billing  - will the retainage start again?  It seems like this would be…

  • Payroll year-end checklist for Sage 100 Contractor

    Is there a Payroll year-end checklist for Sage 100 Contractor? We have had this in previous years (#85836-v1), but I cannot find the resource online. It has the task, due date, assigned to/completed by and article reference columns.

    If someone could…

  • split payroll

    We use service order #s , job and job costs.  We have an employee that has labor that goes toward a department for labor costs that also does vehicle maintenance. As it is now, all the costs are posting to the department. We'd like the vehicle labor and…

  • Removing Closed Jobs


    I am wanting to know the ins and outs of removing jobs with closed status when archiving the company file.

    1. Can you remove closed jobs that still have an A/R balance?

    2. Can you remove closed jobs that still have A/P balances (retainage still needs…

  • Sage 100 Contractor V 24.2.X Payroll Close

    Can you "Close" (not Archive) payroll in V 24.2.X with audit errors?

  • Can I track vacation for a salaried employee and just enter the hours taken in the grid?

    We have allotted a certain number of PTO hours for salaried employees and would like to track them.  Can we just enter the hours used in the grid for the salaried employees?  We've already put on the compensation tab the total amount they have been allotted…

  • Best way to invoice rent to a client?

    We build a building. When the building is finished, we rent the building out. 

    What's the best way to "invoice" this rent to the client? It seems that I can only send invoices that are linked to jobs, but the job of building the building is over. I don…

  • LLC Owner Salary through payroll

    I work for an LLC. where the owner takes a "salary". This payment as of now is just printed as a check on the fly using an admin salary expense account.

    I would like to run the owners time through the payroll module so I can track the cost of…

  • Voided invoice in invoice platform and not in progress billing

    I voided an invoice, not the progress billing. Now, the progress billing shows we billed out $$$, but invoice shows voided and no $$ on the AR. 

    So, how do I connect that voided invoice back to the progress billing?  Also, in the process we closed the progress…

  • Payroll

    We did our first payroll last week for 2021 unfortunately I need not close the year before the payroll was done so State Unemployment Tax and Federal Unemployment Tax is wrong.  Do I void all the payroll checks and then re-enter and process or is there…

  • Year end guide for 2020?

    Is there a Year End Guide for 2020?   The "Product Documents" still links to the 2019 version, and I can't find a 2020 version on the website.

    I'm guessing there is nothing new in the closing process anyway.

  • Tracking Vacation and Sick Time in Payroll Module

    Hello - Does anyone track vacation through the payroll module?  We currently use excel spreadsheets. UGH! Thank you!

  • Service Receivable prepayment

    We use the Service Receivable module for most of our volume of invoicing and we require many many prepayments and down payments.

    We currently create an invoice in 11-2 for the prepayment/down payment that is posted to a liability account for Client Prepayments…

  • state PR tax filing isn't working for ILLINOIS, any plans to correct it soon?

    I tries to use the state payroll tax form using Aatrix today for Illinois withholding.

    they have now added 2 pages for the IL941 but pages 3 and 4 are not working correctly. data is not being populated correctly or at all by Aaitrix. who is this going…

  • Aatrix - T5018 Filing

    I’m preparing to file the T5018 and have some questions about Aatrix. 

    • Do you recommend filing through Aatrix?
    • Have users had any issues, incorrect filing, or errors?

    Our company is a little hesitant to use it since we have never heard of it and…

  • Help! I cannot enter federal allowances for new employees or change allowances for existing employees.

    I'm running Sage 100 Contractor 2019 with the latest upgrades for 2020.

    So, I go to "5 - Payroll" then "2 - Payroll Processing" then "1 - Employees." After selecting an employee record I go to the calculations tab and I can enter info for the state…

  • Equipment payments made to a vendor do not appear in vendor payment journal

    Payments made in 8-5 do not appear in 4-1-5 or in 4-4 Vendors/all payments.  Is there something we can do to make this happen?

  • New Tax code

    I have to set up a tax code under our Sate tax for a School income tax. The problem is the code is 4 digits and the first digit is a 0 zero. It will not let me enter a 0 as a first digit in the tax table. How do I do this?

  • New Manual cheque does not mark invoice as paid

    I just tried using the manual cheque option on the pay vendors and it did not remove the invoice that I paid from the Pay Vendors window.  It did not remove it from the Vendors account either but did show up as a payment.

    For the invoices that I pay online…

  • Old unpaid service invoices?

    I have some old unpaid service invoices from 4+ years ago. 

    With the new way Sage works, I am no longer able to remove terminated employees, at the end of the year, who have time associated with invoices that are still in the system.

    Supposedly these…

  • T&M with GMP

    I am fairly new to Sage.  I have been working with it for the last 4 years in a small capacity.  I recently have began using the software in its full capacity and have questions on Billing and the best suggested ways to bill a client that is a Guaranteed…

  • Exclusive Access in not currently available. Other user are logged in error.

    All machines have been rebooted and still getting the message - Exclusive Access in not currently available. Other user are logged in error. Trying to close out a few months.


  • Dividend Payments

    How does anyone handle paying dividends to stockholders?  

    According to the articles online (and the help desk), Sage 100 Contractor currently prints only 1099-MISC and 1099-INT forms.  

    I find it strange they don't have a feature to also track 1099-DIV information…

  • Subcontract Status

    There appears to be no automated process to moving the status of subcontracts along (as there is with POs - automatically closing once fulfilled).

    Is this true?  What is the advantage to moving the status to closed and then complete, as long as the remaining…