• Employee Retention Credit

    Has anyone used an outside source to assist in determining eligibility and calculating this credit?  If so, who?

  • How can I fix the comp code calculations? This is a Bug as far as I can tell

    The issue is that when I put in sick or holiday pay, it will be calculated as whatever that employee's default comp code is. Below, you can see an employee record with the default comp code and the UNselected "Always use employee comp code" option.…

  • Progress Billing retention calculation method

    Right now our system calculates retention only on the pre-tax amount. Is there a way to tell it to calculate retention on the entire invoice amount, including tax?

  • Payroll Setup Sage 100 Contractors


    Need help in setting up vacation payable in Payroll calculations in Sage 100 Contractors.

    We pay 4% vacation to all field employees with a weekly pay cheque and accrue vacation for our senior management.

    How can we setup this

    Kind Regards

  • Payroll calculation method including sick and holiday pay

    We have some burdens in the Payroll Calculations and have selected the method as 4- %Reg Pay (reg hours only). In the help menu this basically says it doesn't include OT hours. But, it's including Sick, Vacation, Holiday and Misc pay in the calculation…

  • Oregon Paid Leave

    What is the best practice for entering and calculating mandatory state paid leave in a retroactive account. Long story short, because we are so small, we assumed we were exempt. Now that we know we are not, we have calculated what that leave should have…

  • Fastest way to update Paygroup Benefits?

    When updating a rate in 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations, the edits are not reflected in the Benefits screen of 5-3-4 Paygroups. Is there a way to update the 5-3-4 Paygroup Benefits without having to manually enter the same change in the 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations…

  • Profit Sharing paid out monthly

    I have an hourly employee receiving weekly payroll that will also be receiving monthly profit sharing in a flat amount. What is the best way to set this up? Should I use the "bonus" category? Does it make sense to set that up as if he's a separate employee…

  • Paying out Vacation Pay not Accruing

    Hi, wondering if there is a way to set up employees so that they are paid out vacation pay on every cheque rather than accruing it?? This would be in Sage 100 Contractor.

  • Payroll error

    I updated by software to before I "closed" my 2022 payroll.  I did not archive the payroll....now I am getting audit errors for each employee "Employee FICA maximum does not match calculation maximum".  I updated the new FICA…

  • Closed payroll record from prior year and job costing update

    If I have to void and recreate a payroll record from a prior year that is closed, the Sage software states that it updates all the payroll numbers for the closed year.  It doesn't state thought that the updated job costing gets pushed out as well and job…

  • employee social security and medicare

    Medicare and social security was not calculated for an existing employee for three weeks, once in one month and twice in another.  How to I fix my mess and is there going to be amendments to the government?

  • 5-1-8-81 Report doesn't agree with 5-2-1 screen

    For some reason, since Oct 13 +- my 5-1-8-81 report doesn't agree with 5-2-1.

    For example, when an employee takes 8 hrs of sick time, report 5-1-8-81 shows 8 under the Sick Taken Column, and -8 under the Accrued column.

    This makes the total for the…

  • 5-2-2 Default overime over 40 hrs per week

    I have always calculated OT manually.  Now I see that under options, you can check the box so the system will do this.

    So, this week, i did that, and when i look at the timesheets (after final calcuations) it doesn't show any of the hours being moved into…

  • Payroll groups

    An employee got a raise and the new paygroup worked for two weeks and on the third week it went back to the old paygroup.  I'm at a loss as to why this would happen.  Any ideas?  thanks!

  • Federal Income Tax change mid year?

    Did anyone else notice a change in the Federal Income Tax Withholdings after the latest update?  I noticed starting around June 10th that the exact same salaried individuals had a FIT change and all deductions and liabilities are exactly the same.  Doesn…

  • OH_SUI Tax

    Why is the OH_SUI tax prior quarter double the amount it should be for a new employee?

  • PS 58 costs

    I have been told that an officer of our company will be receiving income on an annual basis from an Officer Life Insurance policy that was purchased for him.  Has anyone dealt with this?  If so, how is it disbursed to the employee?  Is it ran through payroll…

  • Multiple Garnishments

    Is there a way to sequence several garnishments for one employee so one garnishment calculates after all others have been taken out of the employees net pay? 

  • Releasing Subcontractor Retention

    When releasing retention on a job, the AR module allows you to update the due date for invoices.  This allows you to run aging reports with the retention showing in the correct column. 

    However, when you "Release Payable Retention"  there is no…

  • Formulas in Takeoffs

    Can I create a formula that will total budgets from certain cells (extended cost) that are above the line item where I want to total cost - as you can in excel. My goal is to create a contingency line in each bid such as the 6000 category. EX: total of…

  • life insurance considered gross wages and then deducted, but need 401K calculated off of the total

    How can I calculate life insurance as taxable wages and part of the total gross wages that the 401K calculates?  This would be the same for the employee match?   For Example an employee makes $500.00 per week.  Life Insurance is $11.31 per week.  I need the…

  • Workers' Compensation

    I am hoping someone can help me with updating the workers' compensation (5-3-2) as this is something I have not done before.  I am trying to figure out where the "liability" column numbers come from.  I have chatted with Sage and they tell…

  • Vacation payout tables


    We're using Sage 100 Contractor Canadian, version 22.4.27. I use 5-2-2 Payroll Records to create paycheques. There's 2 spots I could payout vacation: at the top in the box that says "Vacation Payout", or in the calculations tab where I have Vacation…

  • What would cause local county tax to be deducted on one employee, but not the other?

     Each employee made the same amount of money, worked the same hours, and each live in a resident county. I have checked the employee setup, all seems correct.