• Archive

    Is there anyway to "undo" an archive?

  • Can I safety delete failed backup folders from C:\Sage100Con\Temp?

    I had a few backups fail on Friday and they are taking up over 140 G of space on the C drive.  Can I safely just delete those folders?

  • Payroll 2022 Archive Error

    I'm getting the error that is attached when I run the Sage Payroll Archive for 2022.  It seems there's a file already there, however when I checked I don't see it.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

  • Sage 24.3 update question


    Mistakenly updated Sage 100 Contractor to the wrong update version without the payroll year closed. I rolled back the program on the computers which is fine. It now states the tax table for this year.

    Do I need to roll back on the server end?

  • Restoring historical data

    History of Question:
    * The SAGE 100 Con database had over 30 companies in it and performance was "sluggish."
    * Backups were made of all companies and copied to another server for safekeeping.
    * A 2nd SQL instance was created and all companies between…

  • data base size

    What is the typical data base size for Sage 100 Contractor?  Our IT makes it sound like we are using way too much data space.

  • Backup Sage 100 Contractor 2014?

    Hey Everyone,

    First time post here any help would be appreciated.  I am running an old version of sage 100 contractor.  I want to upgrade to the latest version but I don't think the version I am running is on SQL.  Could anyone provide some sort of…

  • Moving Archived Databases

    I cannot find specific instructions to move OLD databases to a location where they can be safely stored without the required updating of the database when a new update arrives. I have databases going back to 2012 and it takes way too long to upgrade them…

  • Recover deleted records

    Is there a way to recover a deleted change order?

  • achieving databases

    We create a copy of the current year database every year so we're able to have access to GL information older than two years, if needed.  I would like to archieve some of the old databases so the system will run faster.  Has anyone had any experience…

  • error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    In Database Admin, restoring a Client's backup, I am getting an error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753  12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    What is this?

    I write reports, and get client databases to work in. This is the…

  • issue with DB copy

    I want to make a copy of my Sage 100 DB so we can start user acceptance testing. When I copied my LIVE database that contains financials and job, etc, my copy doesn't have any financials. It's like the copy function only selected certain tables (vendor…

  • Removal of an archived company in database administration

    I would like to remove some of the archived data companies in SQL. When ever I upgrade or update the product, I have to update the older Archived databases. Is there a method for removing those companies and storing? I may at some point in the future…

  • Archiving old data

    Hello my system is running very slow and it seems things aren't posting very quickly-especially in AR.  Someone stated that I needed to Archive my old data.  Would someone know how to help me through this?  Thank you.

  • Sage 100 Contractor nightly back up

    Sage 100 Contractor nightly back up has failed every night since we did our archive of prior year general ledger.   How do find out what the problem is so that we can get the backups performing successfully again?

  • Keep getting error that Sage file did not backup.

    Every time I open Sage Contractor 100 (version I get an error saying that the Sage file did not backup. 

    Though when i check the backup schedule it is set to backup every night.  And i can see the backup files in the backup folder.

    Is this error…

  • Downloaded the newest sage update before running payroll close...

    Sitting down to do all the year end stuff and I updated sage and upgraded my databases before closing the payroll year.   Will this mess me up?   What if anything should I do?

  • Sage 100 company nightly backup

    Hello Helpies there,

    I have sage 100 contractor and there are 15 total companies in it. Out of these 15 only 3 are setup for nightly backup. I am not able to find out way to add remaining 12 to backup.

    Can some one please help.



  • How do I create a backup of my data v19.x and earlier?

    Subject is KB article title; the ID# is 17467

    Anyway, the article says to copy the Company Folder, while you are logged into the company.


    What is the difference if you copy the folder while Sage isn't even running?


    The Help files…

  • Closing payroll year and no historical data

    Hello,  I followed the steps to closing payroll and under show archives it lists the 2014 payroll file.  When I open the file there is no data also when I was about to post the payroll for 2015 there is no more historical data in Sage for any year.  I was…