• Billing Report

    Is there a billing report that can be run when I've completed billing for the month which shows the customer, the project and the amount billed for the month and the total billed to date?

  • I entered a check deposit under Deposits/Interest. However, when I go to Bank Reconciliation the check deposits comes out to zero. When I go the GL the deposit appears twice and cancels the amount out to zero.

    We recieved a refund check from the state in the amount of 1,977.25 and I need to record the check that has already been deposited into our cash account for bank reconciliation. I entered the deposit under Deposits/Interest and only entered the amount…

  • Voiding a credit to an invoice.

    How do we void or edit a credit to an invoice?  The wrong account was used when the credit was input and when we go to void the credit Sage says "unable to locate ledger transaction for this record".

    Thank you for your help

  • A/P-A/R DPO - Owner Direct Purchase

    We are using Sage 100con.  We purchase items from a vendor and receive an invoice that is then paid for by the GC and we are given a deductive change order on the progress billing. How do we show the open invoice in AP paid for against the progress billing…

  • Entering a job deposit/retainer

    I'd love to hear how others enter job deposits?  We use Progress billing as well as Time & Material billing as the Invoice Detail for each Progress Invoice.


  • AR Billing - Job # change

    Can a Job # be changed for an invoice in A/R, Billing or Job cost once an invoice has been created and paid?

  • credit card details load into the GL

    new to Sage 100 C. What is the best way to enter CC transaction details into AP? Create CC setup (for each user) and then enter a payable for each transaction with a payment method of CC? You then reconcile the CC statement and select to pay the CC? Or…

  • Billings AIA overbilled line item so now my line item "balance to finish" is a negative amount

    My line item the scheduled of value is $14,500.00. Well i billed $15,840.00 so now there is a negative about on balance to finish. Anyway i can correct it? The billing happen in 2018 it is on on going job. Im ready to bill again.... 

  • Placing form footer on last page of AR Invoices automatically

    We sometimes have multi page AR invoices. Prior to my joining the company, reports for specific number of pages were created so our terms and total print on the last page.I'm making some changes that will result in having different invoices for different…

  • State Sales Tax and the GL Account

    Our General Ledger only has one account 22000 called Sales Tax Payable.

    We have 3 States all going into this one Liab.

    I created 3 subaccounts,  CT 22001,  NY 22002,  MA 22003 and made 22000 the Summary Account.

    How do I assign a GL account to each Tax…

  • Report error: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection"

    Reports starting giving the following error:  "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name:index".  

    This just started happening on the latest update.  I've been using these same reports for…

  • T&M with GMP

    I am fairly new to Sage.  I have been working with it for the last 4 years in a small capacity.  I recently have began using the software in its full capacity and have questions on Billing and the best suggested ways to bill a client that is a Guaranteed…

  • Hello need help with a report on sage 100 contractor


    I need help with an AR Invoice Aging report i send to my bank every month. they are looking for me to separate out the retainage from what is current and other numbers. is there a report that would do this ? if not it seems i have go through each…

  • How do you handle AR deposits?

    We require a 40% deposit prior to fabricating our product.  What is the best method of recording the deposit and also showing this deposit on the future invoices as a pre-payment?  Revenue and Expenses are recorded using the Completed Contracts Method.  

  • Removing or Decreasing A/R Invoice


    I am new to Sage and have found that you can not do a JE to reduce an A/R invoice attached to a job.  My client received payment for a particular invoice long ago yet it still shows in A/R so how would I remove that invoice without voiding it?  Cash…

  • Different accounts receivable on same job

    We have Targeted Jobs that we invoice to our local union and receive money back from the union.  We need to have these bills and payments linked to their jobs, but we need the change the receivable account to the union rather than the contractor.   Not being…

  • AR Invoice List Report

    I am trying to get the description from progress billing to the AR Invoice List report but the calculated fields I have either do not work or just say "Progress Billing #...". How do I write a calculation to get the description/descriptions I used from…

  • Accruing revenue

    Fairly new to Sage 100 Contractor.  Trying to make journal entry to accrue revenue for a particular job.  Entering in Journal Transactions, then going to "Cost-Job Costs" and I enter the job information (job cost-phase-cost cost, etc.)  but can…

  • Missing information in field 'Invoice#'

    I feel like I'm missing something simple but is there no way to get 3-2 A/R Receivable Invoices to automatically prefill the invoice number?  When we create an invoice we can enter all the info but it won't let us save the invoice until the invoice…

  • New to Sage....How do posting periods work? Where do I post my payment?

    I am new to Sage. I am uncertain how posting periods work. I have a cash receipt from a client dated in Feb. for January invoice that includes December's T&M billings. What posting period do I use? Also, there is no February 2015 as a posting period option…

  • AR Report by PM

    I am trying to see if there is a way to customize an AR report that will let me run the AR billings vs receipts by project manager

  • Customer Aging Reports

    Currently Sage 100 Contractor does not offer a customer aging that combines job and service receivables. Has anyone had success at creating a report to accomplish this? 

  • credit in accounts receivable

    How can I show the check written to customer to return an overpayment on his AR account?  The AR is credit, and should be zero now.