Sage 100 Contractor - Set up issues - unable to add or access company

I'm trying to set up Sage 100 contractor on my local device. I set up the license and the database administrator. I've deployed a sample company too. But when I'm trying to access sample company through the Sage 100 Contractor Client - it says "I am not a user in the database" and to "Have a sage 100 contractor administrator add you as a company user in 7-2-2" .

As far as I understand, I am the company administrator. I also tried adding a new company in the database administrator selecting myself (the computer name - the only thing that shows in the dropdown) as the administrator, and it gives me an errors stating something like "Unable to create company: Upgrade Script error" and it goes on to say "Error: You must be a company administrator to update users" . I'm the one setting this up and no one else has access the client to even be able to add anyone else as a user. Neither am I able to access the tool to add or remove users. Has anybody come across this issue? Any solutions?