• Does anyone know how/when employee withholding for the new Oregon Paid Leave will be addressed?

    Will it be similar to the Oregon STT withholding?  I missed the Oregon STT announcement. I'm just hoping to be prepared for this one.

  • Finalized 2020 Q3 941 is available

    To get the forms update from Enhanced Tax Reporting:

    1. Select the 941
    2. Click OK to continue processing the tax form
    3. If a mandatory update is available you will receive a message with three options Automatic, Manual or Continue Expired
    4. Select Automatic
    5. Clic…
  • Tips on what options are available when printing checks

    Did you know there are a number of check options that can be set to control how your checks print without having to customize your form?

    Tied of editing your forms? Did you know there are a number of check options that can be controlled through menu options…

  • Previous Year's Employee Hours Missing

    Hello, I've been working on a custom export where I need a list of employees that have worked over 500 hours for 2019. While testing, I run the report in my current year company and everything is great. I go back to my 2019 company file to run the custom…

  • Payroll Import

    I currently use BenefitMall payroll processing which has a General Ledger import file feature which I use to import the payroll.  Unfortunately, BenefitMall is exiting the payroll processing business.  I have a new payroll processor which I am considering…

  • How can I get Other Pay taxes to hit the GL correctly?

    We have had to add new Other Pay additions for the 2020 year and we are having an issue with the fact that the taxes on these Other Pays are not breaking out departmentally, even though the Other Pay is set up to break out departmentally. Is there another…

  • a direct deposit question

    hello! I've been working with Sage BW for a little over a year, specifically for payroll and payables/receivables at my job. We currently deliver direct deposits separately through our bank, but I'm curious if there is a way to print "Direct Deposit"…

  • Business Works 2019 Federal/State Withholding Wrong

    We use a payroll service as part of our Nonprofit requirement.  I match our Sage Business Works Number to their numbers.  Ever since January 2020 none of the numbers for federal or California withholding match.  The Sage numbers are all lower than the Payroll…

  • Business Works 2020 Federal Tax withholding changes did not change amount on pay check

    We re-installed the corrected BW2020 to fix the state tax issue.  After we re-installed we changed 2 employees Federal Tax Withholding (extra withholding).  We made the changes and then processed payroll (for this week).  The check totals were the same as…

  • Terminated employee with no payroll history in 2019 did not automatically delete

    I just finished processing W-2's and closing payroll for 2019.  I checked the box for all terminated employees with no history to be deleted.  All were deleted except one.  The last transaction I posted for him was in June 2018.  His record was marked…

  • Deceased Employee's Final Check

    Can someone give me step by step instructions for paying a deceased employee's final check?  We need to divide her final pay between three children.  Thanks!

  • Tip of the day - Check printing options

    Did you know there are a number of check options that can be set to control how your checks print without having to customize your form?

    In Accounts Payable / Cash Management options can be set under CM, Accounts, Maintain Cash Accounts, ...Check Opt…

  • Actual Payroll Overhead in Job Cost calculation?

    How is the Actual Payroll Overhead calculated for the Phase Overhead cost in Job Cost, does anyone know?

    Thank you,


  • Payroll 2018 Question --- NEED HELP

    Help!!! We just received a report from our third party insurance company showing a STD check was issued to one of our employees in December 2018. We have already closed out our 2018 Payroll. Is there anyway, other than having to restore prior backup,…

  • Payroll Deduction not showing up on reports

    So we had a fringe benefit that we needed to calculate on the last payroll of the year, which happens to be today's payroll day, and the entered the deduction according to the Sage Support pdf document titled How To Set Up and Process Fringe Benefits…

  • Global Change Question

    We are getting ready to process our EOY bonuses for our staff and wanted to know if there was an easier, more efficient way of processing this in Business Works. First let me tell you that we usually run our payroll on a bi-weekly basis. We have been…

  • Different Hourly Rates for the Same Employee

    Is it possible to set up multiple hourly rates for the same employee?  We are implementing a new system whereby employees will be paid a different hourly rate based on the type of work performed.  I'm not seeing a way to set this up through Maintain Employees…

  • Don't get beat in the 4th quarter!

    It is that time of the year already!

    Time to start thinking about Payroll year-end procedures and our FREE year-end web videos are fantastic way to make sure you are prepared.

    Topics covered include:

    • How to install Enhanced Tax Reporting - KB article…
  • BW2018 phantom payroll entry?

    We recently upgraded from BW2012 to BW2018 & run PR in house.  Haven't had any problems until this week.  I have one employee with 2 entries-one is phantom and one is what I entered.  I can delete the one I entered but cannot delete the phantom.…

  • how to post a corrective Prior Year Journal Entry clarification

    In 2016 we made a payroll check with a deduction of $21.33 for a loan repayment. But we neglected to make a journal entry to debit the account and because it is in a prior year we are unable to make any new entries. I viewed knowledge base article #18022…

  • OASDI taxes

    A clerk made a manual calculation of OASDI taxes and overwithheld $7000+ from the owner's bonus check.  I found it while preparing the 941. 

    How do I fix that through payroll?


  • How to I print the instruction to set up Direct Deposit in Business Works?

    Where can I go to print the instructions for setting up and using Direct Deposit?   I tried to print the instructions via Business Works in Payroll but the pop up appears on top of the list so this is useless.  The list is great but I need the detail printed…

  • Illinois SUI rate is 3 decimal places and gets rounded to 2 for calculations in Enhanced Tax Reporting

    Our current Illinois SUI is now 3 decimal places, 0.525%, but the Enhanced Tax Reporting feature rounds this off to 0.53% for calculations, resulting in extra tax...  Can this be fixed or is there a work-around?

  • Problems with Payroll Tax Calculations

    My CA SDI tax percentage is correct in the tax tables.  However, the calculation is not matching/correct? Does anyone know a fix?

  • W-2 Error for SIMPLE IRA and AFLAC for Virginia and West Virginia State Wages

    I am using BusinessWorks 2017 SP2.  I tried to print my 2017 W-2s and when I got to confirming the state wages the program gave me the following error.

    The error appears to be the reduction in taxable state wages caused by a SIMPLE IRA deduction or a Section…