• Businessworks 2013 Installation

    Hello everyone, we have been having problem lately with our businessworks 2013. It is not opening up and giving us bunch of different error messages. I uninstalled it hoping to get the installer from sage to reinstall but sage is not helping me here…
  • Unable to download BW 2021

    Hello! When attempting to download BW version 2021, this message pops up: Sorry, there has been an error We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you are not authorized to view this document. My support plan is current. What's weird is that…
  • Reporting upgrades made to newer version of Business works

    My company is currently running BW 2013. We are upgrading our operating systems and a number of other customer databases that we use and we want to do the same with business works. Our biggest issue with the current version is its inability to drill down…
  • Will "Page 1 of 2 / Page 2 of 2" in Forms be fixed this year.???

    Will "Page 1 of 2 / Page 2 of 2" in Forms be fixed this year.???
  • Negative quantities posting to I/C

    We are currently building a pump, the way we process the job is to charge everything and then at the end we post a negative quantity of the completed pump to balance the numbers. Unfortunately, now that I need to close jobs for the end of January next…
  • Is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to do a rebuild prior to upgrading?

    Urgent question - Upgrading. Do I have to rebuild? It takes too long for us to be able to upgrade. Going from 2012 SP13 to 2019 on a network install. Going from 2012 SP13 to 2019
  • Default location of businessworks backups

    We have a user who created a backup without choosing a specific directory. It allowed her to complete the backups without any errors, but now we can't find the backup zip file.
  • isolate a certain product and see what customer own it?

    hello! I am trying to figure out if I can do a report that will show certain products and what customer owns them already? I am new and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Thanks.
  • Global Change Question

    We are getting ready to process our EOY bonuses for our staff and wanted to know if there was an easier, more efficient way of processing this in Business Works. First let me tell you that we usually run our payroll on a bi-weekly basis. We have been…
  • 52 53 Weeks

    Does Sage Business Works work well for 52 53 weeks financial statements. Taking inventory on Sunday nights is optimum. Using the features of reversing journal entries and report groups is important.
  • Template needed for import vendor w/ status field

    I need to clean up our vendor database and would like to run an export, make my changes and then import those changes back into BW. I have looked at the articles available for vendor import, but they do not address any changes in status. I have over 500…
  • Vendor

    Is it possible to have two vendors, with the same name and mailing address, set up with different terms (i.e. Net 30, VISA) by assigning each a different vendor ID? I would like to set up a credit card vendor and enter transactions for the purchase vendors…
  • Illinois SUI rate is 3 decimal places and gets rounded to 2 for calculations in Enhanced Tax Reporting

    Our current Illinois SUI is now 3 decimal places, 0.525%, but the Enhanced Tax Reporting feature rounds this off to 0.53% for calculations, resulting in extra tax... Can this be fixed or is there a work-around?
  • Maximum Aging on Payables

    Does anyone know if there is a maximum aging for payables, before UNPAID invoices would fall "off" or be unable to be selected for payment? I know that there are settings to have a length of history to keep, but what if they are UNPAID versus PAID invoices…
  • Statement of Cash Flows-Why isn't the report offered as a "Consolidated" Report

    I run the Statement of Cash Flow with every month end report and I have a three page report. Why isn't the consolidate option on this report as it is on other reports? I would like to have a simple one page report. Thanks, Bev
  • Voided duplicate invoice in Accounts Receivable || can't post cash receipt

    In A/R, entered an invoice twice in December, and subsequently voided one of the occurrences during month-end review. Open A/R report and general ledger in balance at year-end, both correctly showed one occurrence of the invoice as open. Customer check…
  • Looking for lessons learned when upgrading Server to 2016

    I've read that current versions of BW run on Server 2016 and have even read the tips on preparing for move to a new server. All information is great. It sounds like it should be smooth sailing. I'm just being overly cautious since I have to do a clean…
  • Any source are available to integratewith Magento?

    Hi, I have to integrate Sage Business works with Magento 1 CMS. Currently i have to do entry manually when i get orders. So there is any thing available to integrate with magento so When i get order it directly go Sage?
  • Setting up a Payroll deduction for Roth contributions.

    I need to set up a payroll deduction for Roth contributions. The only suggestion I can find in the Knowledge base is for Sage 100 which recommends setting the deduction type to pension and deselecting all taxes. Is this the same for Businessworks?
  • Update for Illinois State Income Tax increase?

    I'm wondering if there will be an update to address the Illinois State Income Tax increase. Now that we have a state budget, my payroll department is anxious to get everything set up. I didn't find any information so I thought I'd ask. Thanks! Heat…
  • Open Credit Posting Issue

    Posted a customer payment as an open credit in May, applied a portion to one of their invoices - closed May in A/R to generate the June recurring invoices. When doing my May bank reconciliation in BusinessWorks, the payment is not showing up. Nor is it…
  • Email error message

    Last week I updated BW 2015 to SP10. I've a user who is not able to use the email function. He's told that "This action is not supported while an older version of Outlook is running." He's not lacking any updated for Outlook 2010. I'm running the same…
  • Collate & Duplex Printing

    Hello! When we select "Collate" while printing in any module, the print job is never collated. In addition, when we select "Print on both sides" both "Page 1" are printed on one sheet of paper. Does any one have a solution to this? We're running BW…
  • Invoicing

    How do you stop the long description of a PART NUMBER from printing on the customer invoice. Thank you, Charlene
  • A/P EFT payments

    We purchase merchandise from OVER-SEAS which requires deposit on PO order through EFT, what is the best accounting method to post this payment? I have been entering the payment through A/P payments as OPEN CREDIT, when invoice is received through purchasing…