• Installed SP6 but ...

    Installed SP6 but received an "Access is Denied" error msg about DBRegister which does not work now.

  • Upgrading from Sage 2015 to SageBW 2020 new server

    I've installed SageBW 2020 on a new Windows 2019 datacenter server. I am at the step where i need to restore the systems db and running into the following...

    should i proceed with update of Sage BW DB's? 

  • Import Invoice With Multiple Line Items

    I see how to create a CSV file to import invoices, but it seems to only import a total value.  Is it possible to import an invoice with multiple line items?

  • customer deposit on account

    how do I clean up customer deposits that either will not have an invoice to offset it or will not be refunded back to the customer. 

  • Update on 2020 1099-NEC service packs and tax table updates

    Due to the addition of the 1099-NEC our service pack release will be different this year.  We will be releasing service packs for both the 2020 and 2021 versions to account for these changes.  Below you will find each service pack we will be releasing along…

  • reports for general ledger

    I am looking for information on how I might be able to run a report in general ledger that gives me the breakdown by vendor and GL code. Like how many costs are coded to a specific vendor. 

  • Have you ordered your 2020 W-2 and 1099 forms?

    Today we are going to discuss what forms are needed for printing W-2s and 1099s using Enhanced Tax Reporting.  Due to the addition of the 1099-NEC the 1099 form product numbers may have changed.  The following forms are required for printing:


  • 2021 Inventory Cost for on hand quantity

    I have a client that has concerns regarding the COST on Maintain Parts now available to change on inventory parts that have quantity on hand in the new 2021 version. This is new and NOT a good upgrade. Can you let me know if this is going to be corrected…

  • 1099NEC/1099MISC

    Will 1099NEC/1099MISC processing being available in v2020 or only in v2021?


    Barbara McNary

  • Upgrade issues... anyone else experiencing?

    We did the upgrade from 2020 to 2021 yesterday and I've received the following from employees on items not functioning as before and/or general irritants:

    • ALL areas where notes are - Notes no longer wrap around, they do a long single line, requiring…
  • New Form 1099-NEC

    What, if anything, do I need to do for the reporting of Independent Contractor(IC) pay on  the new form 1099-NEC that will be required to be filed in 2021? Currently the IC's are set up in the Other tab for Box 7 of form 1099. Will Aatrix be able to use…

  • No currency format in Maintain O/E forms

    Under the Order Entry Module I was redesigning a sales order to use for a commercial invoice.

    After creating a db calculation it would only display the number with no decimal places unless there happened to be cents in the calculated answer.  I wanted…

  • Error printing checks via remote desktop. Error "EAccessViolation"

    We just recently upgrade our servers and are running BW2011. When I try to print checks to my home printer via remote desktop, I receive the error code "EAccessViolation". When I switch by to my windows 7 computer and do the exact same steps, it prints…

  • How to edit the G/L that is not posted

    Hi all

    I am new to learn this program

    i accidentally closed the G/L window that i was working. Can you pls advise how can i go back to edit this un-posted G/L?

    Thank you 

  • Adding a Portal

    Does anyone know if you can add a Portal to Sage Businessworks Software to allow vendors, customers to access certain things, etc.?


  • Should you skip the backup when doing a month end close?

    No, you should never skip making a backup when closing the month.  Yes, even if you have a backup of your server or if your IT company is making a backup, YOU should always make a Sage BusinessWorks backup before closing.  When closing the month you will…

  • Why would Sage print and post checks to wrong date? Reports match check date, not system date.

    When we print checks, nothing is edited, we do not change the date, I accept all defaults once I confirm our check numbers match. However, on 7/2, the checks I printed were dated 6/30, the invoice selection and the cash requirements and the following…

  • Multiple Sales Orders Linked to One Purchase Order

    Is it possible to link multiple sales order to one purchase order? We don't typically have just a one to one relationship. Often times we have multiples sales orders for different customers make up one purchase order to a vendor in order to meet the minimum…

  • BusinessWorks Plug In for E-commerce integration

    Is there a plugin on the Sage BusinessWorks side that we can use to create an integration with an e-commerce website that we are trying to build? Have others integrated with BusinessWorks? If so, what site do you use for e-commerece?

  • Customer Transaction Import Files

    In trying to develop an Invoice Import template for our production environment, I have been testing it in our Sample Company in Bus Works (2019).  I can't seem to get past a "unknown sales tax id" exception.  I have attached the csv file and…

  • How do I request chargable support regarding error messages when closing the general ledger?

    When closing the G/L during the Journal Header section one of 2 error messages are received.  One is a Btreve Error 2 and the other is Btreve Error 19.  If I keep clicking the OK eventually the G/L close finishes.

  • Sage BusinessWorks Conversions to Sage 50 US Version.

    During the Covid 19 shut down, we have been doing a lot of conversions from BusinessWorks to Sage 50 USA version.

    If you are looking for a new software solution, please give us a call.  We have live demos and we would be happy to help you see if Sage 50…

  • Part Number Labels

    Is there a way to print part number labels out of Sage Businessworks?

  • Sage BusinessWorks - Are you prepared to work from home if needed?

    As a follow up to the posting on the Sage BusinessWorks Announcements, News and Alerts discussion on preparations you can make to continue to run your business during uncertain times we would like to provide you Sage BusinessWorks specific steps and options…


    Is there any way possible to print a Detailed Payroll Check Register for one pay period and have it print one employee per page?