• Businessworks 2013 Installation

    Hello everyone,

    we have been having problem lately with our businessworks 2013. It is not opening up and giving us bunch of different error messages. I uninstalled it hoping to get the installer from sage to reinstall but sage is not helping me here.…

  • Report writer or other data tools within BusinessWorks

    Hi All, 

    We recently acquired a company running sage BusinessWorks and haven't had a lot of success in terms of extracting data out of their environment.  We will be migrating to our ERP system and will need all key master data as well as transactional…

  • Getting the below error in BW Sage 2015

     I did some searching on your site and see that KB 39468 may assist in resolving this issue but cannot locate where your KB's are stored. 
    And, if someone has insight into this error, please advise. 

    Is this a firewall error or possible port issue? 

  • Check Register Report - Voided Skipped Checks

    I ran a check register report today dated for 01/01/2021-03/25/2021 and it showed a lot of voided skipped check numbers, but also showed that same check number with a vendor and a dollar amount (which is correct).  Back on our 2/19/2021 check run we had…

  • New computer - forms not printing right

    Hello! I got a new computer and loaded Sage Business Works. I imported my database so I had all current company information. However, when I printed an invoice it didn't print correctly. How do I upload the forms format from my old computer to my new…

  • budget

    New user here, 

    Prior users of system for Agency have utilized the Maintain Account Budgets functionality to maintain budget in their system.

    My fiscal year is closed but now the prior years budget is on the screens when I go to input the new FY budget…

  • Reprinting invoices

    When I try to reprint customer invoices that were created using OE - Direct Invoice, the amount of the payment received sometimes changes. This has happened even when I reprint an invoice on the same day the invoice was created.  We use a separate company…

  • Previous Year's Employee Hours Missing

    Hello, I've been working on a custom export where I need a list of employees that have worked over 500 hours for 2019. While testing, I run the report in my current year company and everything is great. I go back to my 2019 company file to run the custom…

  • Removing the check number and company name when printing checks

    When I updated to BW 2019 it started printing our company name and check number, even though they are pre-printed on our checks. I also need to move the ‘To” information (name and address) down about 4 spaces because you can’t read the Name when I put…

  • Adding Fields to Statements

    I would like to add a couple of fields to my statements.  Terms, being one, and if LOC then the line limit.  I can make the box but how do I insert the field?  I don't see any drop down menu to choose from.  Do I just type in the field name?  Please help…

  • Create custom text field on PO

    I don't see a "comments" field for me to add to my Purchase order from the data fields that are provided in the Maintain Forms screen. Ideally, I'd like to be able to add a custom comment next to items as I create the purchase order or edit a purchase…

  • Recording a Cash Advance

    What is the tidiest way in BusinessWorks to record a cash advance deposited in checking (cash account) from existing credit card account?

  • AR Sales Tax Report duplicating invoices and credit memos

    Good Afternoon, 

    Has anyone reported issues with the AR Sales Tax report duplicating invoices and credit memos? I know that they are duplicates because the invoice and credit memos are the same numbers.We are running V2019 SP2. Any help is appreciated…

  • How can I get Other Pay taxes to hit the GL correctly?

    We have had to add new Other Pay additions for the 2020 year and we are having an issue with the fact that the taxes on these Other Pays are not breaking out departmentally, even though the Other Pay is set up to break out departmentally. Is there another…

  • When to close Year End

    I am using Sage 2019 BusinessWorks programs.  In the past, we were able to keep December and January (modules) open.  When keying in February information, a warning would come up that we were unable to proceed.  The warning stated that "too many months were…

  • WHT-436

    I'm trying to file VT WHT-436 Quarterly Withholding Reconciliation and it wants me to e-file, however VT doesn't have an e-file option for this form and SAGE will only print the record copy or draft copy?  

  • Voiding a payment of cash

    Hi, We received a payment that was directly deposited into our checking account. The deposit appeared in our account on 12/31/19. When I went to post the payment, I posted it as a cash payment against their invoice. The problem is, I got distracted and…

  • Client Install Problem with 2020 Update

    Download and install of 2020 on the Server went without a hitch, when I went to do the Client Install on each user, all acted like it installed correctly; however, we receive the following error when attempting to launch on the standalone systems:


  • Payroll report not displaying last 3 weeks.

    We are running BSW 2019 SP5 (updated from SP1 today after problem was noticed) and when we go to Payroll, Reports, Employee Reports, History. View all employees Year-to-date the last 3 weeks of payroll entries are not showing up. If I use the last 4 weeks…

  • Correct Pay Rates

    I need to generate a report that lists all my employees, all their hours worked, vacation hours, sick hours, vacation hours, etc. with the correct pay rate connected to each entry of hours.  This is to cover an entire year so I'm not excited about having…

  • Deceased Employee's Final Check

    Can someone give me step by step instructions for paying a deceased employee's final check?  We need to divide her final pay between three children.  Thanks!

  • Error Message in Job Cost, Maintain Jobs

    Hi, I have 2 jobs in BW/JC/Jobs/Maintain Jobs that give the following error messages - I want to know how to delete these jobs. 

  • KB#17609

    I'm fairly new here, and can't find KB#17609.  I'm having issues resolving issuses installing for multiple users.  I'm getting the same errors explained in 17609.  Could someone please help me out?

    Thanks alot!!!



    Longtime Businessworks user. We would like to get an integrated EDI provider. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Payroll Deduction not showing up on reports

    So we had a fringe benefit that we needed to calculate on the last payroll of the year, which happens to be today's payroll day, and the entered the deduction according to the Sage Support pdf document titled How To Set Up and Process Fringe Benefits…