Installed SP6 but ...

Installed SP6 but received an "Access is Denied" error msg about DBRegister which does not work now.

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  • RodA-

    I am sorry to hear you experienced an issue after installing SP 6.  I am not aware of any reported issue with SP 6 creating an issue with the DBRegister.

    Generally, if you are receiving an Access is Denied in one specific task, then it means the task is being blocked by an Anti-virus system or Windows Defender is running on the workstation.  Make sure tasks are not being blocked by the virus scanner and that Windows Defender is not running.   Also something could have occurred during the install of the service pack and the files were not updated properly.  For that, you can reinstall the v2021 program again on the server and then reinstall SP 6.

    For additional information, here are some articles and links to those articles.

    Error: "Access is denied" (90035)  

    Error: "Access Denied" message appears with a white circle and red X when launching a task (87166)  

    Note:  If you have any issues accessing the links, try coping the links directly into you internet tab or go to and search on the article titles. 



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